A Week in Which ‘We are All Satoshi’

What’s what in crypto world? We scan the latest headlines to bring you blockchain nuggets—Bitcoin statues, soccer fan tokens, hacking contests and cannabis IDOs.

As always, there are stories that are serious and just plain hilarious to delight crypto fans everywhere!

Bitcoin creator celebrated with… a faceless statue?

A life-size bronze statue of anonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto will be erected in Budapest, Hungary’s capital city.

This is no ordinary statue. The face will be created using reflective material, so viewers can see their own reflection mirrored back—on the premise that, in crypto world, ‘we are all Satoshi’. The largely featureless face also highlights the unknown identity of Satoshi.

Blockchain fan András Györfi.is behind the project, which is funded by several crypto organisations. The statue will be erected in Graphisoft Park, not far from a statue of Apple founder Steve Jobs—depicting the next evolutionary tech step perhaps?

Premier League fan token has plenty of bite

The Wolverhampton Wanderers are straying into new territory, partnering with Turkish blockchain platform Bitci Technology to launch their own fan tokens.

The upcoming Wolves fan token will be listed first on Bitci’s own crypto exchange. In return, Wolves players will feature the Bitci logo on their jerseys and on screens in their historic Molineux Stadium.

Bitci has already created fan tokens for the Formula One team McLaren Racing, the Spanish national soccer team and Turkey’s national basketball team.

Wanderers management sees this as a great way to engage, welcoming more fans into the Wolves pack.

From Russia with . . . prize hackers

Russian underground forums are on the hunt for new ways to ‘target cryptocurrency-related technology’ and hack away at crypto cyber security.

Hot on the heels of ransomware, forum operators are staging a competition for new and criminal ways to steal private keys, open wallets and mine cryptocurrency software.

The crime-busting Intel471 team claims a total of $115,000 in prizes is on offer for the ‘best’ research papers targeting NFTS, smart contracts, API manipulation and website phishing to harvest keys and seed phrases.

Such determined hackers show the importance of staying ahead in the crypto security game….

Man, that’s cool: Crypto meets cannabis head-on

It had to happen. Digital cannabis startup Grow House has finalised a multi-IDO round, allowing users to trade within and across the cannabis space.

Owners of cannabis farms or dispensaries have always found it tough to get a conventional bank account. Now they can use utility tokens to transact—yield farming with a ‘gamified layer’ on top.

Following the IDO round, the GROW token is now listed on PancakeSwap (Binance Smart Chain). Holders can move funds from Ethereum to BSC using Zero Exchange. They can also join the Cannaverse -Grow House’s metaverse—to buy in-game assets and take part in yield farms to produce cryptocurrencies.

One of the first ever crossovers between DeFi and gaming, it puts a whole new slant on growing weed!

Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash


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