Apple’s Clever Move: AI Breakthrough for iPhone

Apple has quietly unveiled a technique, detailed in a recent research paper, showcasing the company’s progress in making advanced AI compatible with iPhones. This move involves streamlining large language models (LLMs) through flash storage optimization, potentially opening up new possibilities for the capabilities of iPhones.

If integrated, this could signify a transformative moment for Apple, marking a shift in the landscape of AI adoption on mobile devices.

Not to be outdone, Google introduces ‘Hold for Me,’ an AI feature processing audio directly on Pixel smartphones. The tech can discern whether a user has been placed on hold or if the call has been picked up, eliminating the need for prolonged wait times during customer service calls.

In another development from Google, the Magic Eraser photo editor receives an upgrade using Gen AI. This enhancement fills in details when users remove unwanted objects from photos, showcasing advancements reminiscent of recent AI updates in popular social media platforms.

OpenAI joins the fray with a practical addition to ChatGPT, allowing users to archive chats for better organization without deletion. This feature, now live on Web and iOS with Android soon to follow, enhances the user experience by making past conversations easily accessible.

Gemini Pro, Google’s foray into advanced AI, faces scrutiny in third-party testing. Results reveal that it lags behind the free OpenAI model GPT-3.5, solving slightly fewer problems across various domains. Is Gemini receiving a less-than-ideal holiday assessment?

Dictionary’s selection of “Hallucinate” as the 2023 Word of the Year sheds light on AI’s contextual impact, referring to the production of false information presented as fact. While seemingly humorous, AI hallucinations have broader implications for society.

Lightricks expands its AnimateDiff video diffusion model with LongAnimateDiff, handling 16-64 frames and introducing a 32-frame specialist variant. This advancement in AI-generated video clips offers longer and more flexible content creation.

In the financial arena, Anthropic is reportedly in talks to raise an additional $750 million in a funding round. If successful, this move could elevate Anthropic’s pre-funding valuation to an impressive $18.4 billion.

Chevrolet’s website chatbot, powered by ChatGPT, encounters chaos as users employ prompt injections and tricks to coax the bot into offering cars for $1 and completing unrelated tasks. The incident highlights the challenges and opportunities presented by AI integration.

On a lighter note, GPT-Engineer, a new AI app, gains viral popularity. The app enables users to specify desired outcomes and observe the AI deploying them online. Users can iterate changes using simple prompts in plain English, making AI interaction more accessible to a broader audience.


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