Becoming a FOXatar: ShapeShift’s Quirky Leap into the Future of NFTs and Social Repute

ShapeShift, a known trailblazer in the realm of cryptocurrency, is now venturing into uncharted territories once again with the launch of an innovative non-fungible token (NFT) collection: FOXatars. This NFT series isn’t merely a collection of digital art pieces but a revolutionary evolution of identity and reputation within the crypto-community landscape.

An ERC-721 standard NFT, each FOXatar is more than just a unique digital entity. It serves as a record of your reputation and contributions, effectively embodying your digital identity within the ShapeShift ecosystem. This bold initiative from ShapeShift is poised to redefine our understanding of NFT utility and membership.

The brilliance behind the art of FOXatars is credited to the talented Atlan Coelho, whose exceptional contribution adds to the uniqueness of the campaign.

For the uninitiated, ShapeShift has been a beacon of cryptocurrency innovation since its inception in 2014. Having created a ripple in the crypto-space by becoming one of the first fully decentralized DEX, it empowers users with secure, noncustodial financial systems. The ShapeShift web and mobile platforms facilitate seamless navigation of over 10,000 digital assets, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cosmos, across 13 chains.

The FOXatars are not merely digital badges of honor; they are customizable digital companions that evolve along with the user’s journey and engagement. Offering a stunning combination of 182 elements, these avatars provide a staggering total of 19.4 billion possible variations. This ensures each member of the ShapeShift community can capture their unique identity in the decentralized world.

What sets FOXatars apart from many NFTs is their reflection of social reputation within the ShapeShift ecosystem. They visually depict a user’s contributions, from social interactions on platforms like Discord and Twitter to on-chain activity for specific contracts. Not only are they unique digital companions, but they also offer opportunities for monetization. The rarer the FOXatar’s attribute, the more valuable it becomes, enabling users to reap more rewards and utility within the ecosystem.

Claiming a FOXatar is as simple as connecting a wallet to the Mercle app, naming the FOX companion, and clicking “mint”. What’s even more exciting is that minting these digital companions is completely free and gasless, thanks to Biconomy’s grassless SDK, thus removing barriers of entry for everyone within the ShapeShift community.

This journey is not without rewards. Users can earn Lootboxes and XP points for completing tasks on Mercle. These rewards serve to acknowledge the most impactful contributors within the ShapeShift ecosystem through a gamified process. Furthermore, accruing XP through community campaigns enhances user eligibility for future exclusive perks from Mercle.

There’s more to FOXatars than meets the eye, and they are undoubtedly shaping the future of digital identity in the crypto-world. With continuous enhancements and future levels in the pipeline, the FOXatars system promises an exciting journey for every member of the ShapeShift community. As the world of crypto continues to evolve, ShapeShift, with its FOXatars, is a step ahead, redefining the very essence of digital identity and participation.

In the era of digital expression, the FOXatars offer a future where your digital identity evolves with you, reflecting not just your presence but your contributions, engagements, and influence within a community. Welcome to the world of FOXatars, where your digital persona comes to life.



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