Binomo announces launch of special events and incentives for new users

ISLAMABAD, May 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Online trading platform Binomo hosts one million investors from 133 countries every day, including Pakistan. Binomo, which has taken firm steps to support investor candidates in Pakistan, has decided to offer special opportunities to new users.

Binomo announces launch of special events and incentives for new users

As the whole world is rapidly becoming digital; technology itself becomes a source of additional income. Especially in the second half of 2020, the number of investors in the world stock exchanges increased progressively. According to data from Pakistan Stock Exchange, 250 thousand new individual investors joined the investment ecosystem in 2020. Hosting one million investors from 133 countries every day, Binomo is now preparing to launch a special event for Pakistan and encourages individual investors to that has no idea how to make an investment and evaluate their savings.

“Special opportunity for Pakistanis”
“Binomo handles 36 million transactions per week worldwide. We are confident that this number will increase when we teach more people how to invest,” Binomo Special Projects Manager Anne Kmel explained. “We will launch special events to benefit our Pakistani users who have a ‘first move’ by the end of June. Those who join our platform with the code ‘PKR100’ will be given 100%+ to their first-time deposits.”

Intends to encourage Pakistan to invest
Mentioning that there are some important points that should be followed before starting to invest, Kmel shared the steps to avoid risks and said, “The first step to be taken when starting to invest is to be aware that being an investor can be learned and to be always open to learning. After that, it is crucial to decide on the amount to invest, start with developing a strategy and do not forget the risks. When entering the investment ecosystem, the existence of risks should be accepted first.”

Stating that they, as Binomo, facilitate the exploration of the investment world and play an instructive role in this process, Anne Kmel said, “We aim to increase the right decisions in investment by providing professional level trainings, analytical services, customer support and brokerage services. We offer the opportunity to invest in more than 60 assets according to account type, from world exchanges to foreign currency and commodities. We pave the way for people who have not invested before, but want to take a step in this way, to start trading with minimum investments, provide guidance.”

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