Bit by Bit, Block by Block – Celebrating Bitcoin’s Landmark Blockout Day!

Maria Irene

Blockout Day has arrived and the Bitcoin community is abuzz with excitement. Bitmap, an open-source standard allowing ownership of a Bitcoin block, has reached a landmark moment with 800,000 inscriptions sold in less than two weeks.

As the Bitcoin community revels in the milestone, individuals from all over the world took to social media to express their joy, anticipation, and admiration for the project and the visionaries behind it.

Twitter user, @BankofNFTs, paid tribute to the Bitmap team, equating this achievement with a “giant leap for Bitcoin”. The sentiment of pride and community spirit was echoed by @SwiperNs, who praised the individuals behind Bitmap for “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

Bertrand (@Bertrandxoxo) weighed in on the commercial aspects, predicting a swift rise in the floor price of BITMAP due to its limited supply and low emission rate. The Block Runner Podcast (@TheBlockRunner) brought the global scope of the event into focus, marveling at the speed at which the 800,000 inscriptions found owners around the world.

Looking ahead, @LoveOrdinals proposed innovative possibilities for Bitmap, envisioning a SimCity-like Web3 application built on top of Bitmap. The anticipation and excitement for the future of Bitmap were palpable.

Reactions to the news were not just limited to celebration and speculation. Some, like @GettyInvInc, took the opportunity to engage with the community, requesting users to share their Bitmap links for review.

Across the board, there was a shared sentiment of exhilaration for this groundbreaking achievement. As Cryptonium World (@cryptoniumworld) concluded, “Congrats to every Bitmap owner.” Today is indeed a day for celebration and a new milestone in the ongoing evolution of the Bitcoin metaverse.

In the midst of the festivities, it’s important to reflect on what this day represents: A democratization of the metaverse, a novel way of owning a piece of Bitcoin history, and most importantly, the tremendous potential of community-driven spaces in the future of digital ownership.

As Blockout Day draws to a close, the future of Bitmap looks brighter than ever, with countless possibilities waiting to be unlocked in the Bitcoin metaverse.


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