Bitcoin, Blocks & Bytes: Gamers Unite in the Pixelated Land Rush!

Bitcoin’s blockchain technology has seen an array of applications, but none as innovative and engaging as what @OrdzGames has just launched. The gaming platform made headlines when it became the first to offer tools for building games on metaverse land through @blockamoto’s Bitcoin bitmap protocol.

Bitmap-Based Game

@OrdzGames has always been known for pushing the envelope. However, with the introduction of .bitmap, they have taken things to an otherworldly level. While the .bitmap protocol has been a subject of contention among tech enthusiasts, it has opened up new avenues for game developers and metaverse pioneers by utilizing bitcoin blocks as a building block for a community-driven metaverse.

A Glimpse into Ordz Rush
In the second season, @OrdzGames released ‘Ordz Rush’, a game that features an impressive map builder. This tool has gained popularity in the community, and players have used it to create innovative designs. The pièce de résistance? These designs can be inscribed as one’s ordinal, such as an awe-inspiring Game Boy-shaped landscape.

Game Boy Shaped Land

The recently released ord 0.6.2 update introduced recursions, allowing players to inscribe a child ordinal (such as a game, space, or home) to a parent ordinal (their .bitmap land), establishing provenance. Now, every game inscribed will display its .bitmap address and inscription ID, allowing landowners to prove their creation and ownership.

Affordability Through Technology
It’s not just about ownership. The advent of recursions has dramatically reduced the file sizes of inscriptions, making the entire process more affordable. Previously, a single game of Ordz Rush required a hefty 65kB of HTML, costing over $100 to inscribe. Now, thanks to the new update, file sizes have dropped to just 5kB, slashing costs to a tenth.

Cost Reduction Graph
This new frontier of building games on bitcoin-based metaverse lands is not just a technological marvel; it’s a community builder and an avenue for creative expression. @OrdzGames invites gamers, developers, and dreamers alike to join them in shaping this pixelated landscape.

If you find this intersection of gaming, blockchain, and metaverse fascinating, head over to @OrdzGames, build your own world and let the pixelated land rush begin!

Twitter: @OrdzGames

Play Ordz Rush:




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