Bitcoin Frenzy Sweeps the Globe as Google Searches Skyrocket

In the wake of a substantial surge in Bitcoin prices, global interest in the leading cryptocurrency is hitting new heights, as evidenced by an 826% spike in Google searches for “buy Bitcoin” in the United Kingdom over the past week.

According to data from, the search term witnessed an astonishing surge, reflecting a growing fascination with digital assets in traditional financial circles. A spokesperson from noted, “The remarkable surge in ‘buy Bitcoin’ searches in the UK, combined with the cryptocurrency’s resurgence, underscores the growing interest and potential impact of traditional financial institutions’ involvement in the world of digital assets.”

The United Kingdom led the charge in this search surge, but the phenomenon is not confined to a single region. Global users have demonstrated a heightened curiosity about Bitcoin, with a significant increase in searches related to purchasing Bitcoin recorded worldwide.

In the United States, Google Trends revealed that searches for “should I buy Bitcoin now?” shot up by more than 250% in the past week. More niche queries like “can I buy Bitcoin on Fidelity?” experienced an astronomical increase of over 3,100%, showcasing a diverse range of interests among potential investors.

Zooming out to a global perspective, the search term “Is it a good time to buy Bitcoin?” saw a 110% surge in the past week. The enthusiasm extended to more specific queries, such as “BlackRock Bitcoin ETF,” which witnessed a robust growth of 250%. This particular search indicates a widespread eagerness for information regarding BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), currently awaiting regulatory approval.

This sudden uptick in interest aligns with a drastic increase in the price of Bitcoin over the past fortnight. On October 24, Bitcoin briefly surpassed a value of $35,000, marking the first time since May 2022. As the crypto market continues its rollercoaster ride, it seems the appetite for information and investment opportunities in the digital asset space is stronger than ever.


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