Chainway Labs Secures $2.7M to Pioneer Bitcoin’s Zero-Knowledge Expansion

With a fresh injection of $2.7 million in seed funding, Chainway Labs is setting the stage for a groundbreaking development in the Bitcoin ecosystem through its initiative, Citrea. This innovative project introduces the first ZK Rollup for Bitcoin, marking a significant leap forward in enhancing the blockchain’s capabilities without altering its foundational consensus rules.

The funding round, led by Galaxy and featuring contributions from Delphi Ventures, Eric Wall, Anurag Arjun, BatuX, Igor Barinov, James Parillo, and others, culminates Chainway Labs’ efforts to address and surmount the scalability challenges that have long beset Bitcoin. By implementing a zero-knowledge rollup solution, Citrea aims to enable a higher volume of transactions and the creation of diverse applications directly on Bitcoin’s network.

Historically perceived as a monetary asset, Bitcoin’s potential as a platform for economic and computational activities is vast and underexplored. Galaxy Ventures’ General Partner, Will Nuelle, highlights the significance of Citrea’s development, emphasizing its role in unlocking new functionalities for Bitcoin beyond its conventional use as digital currency.

The scalability issue has been a persistent hurdle in Bitcoin’s evolution, with previous solutions falling short in accommodating the growing demand for space within Bitcoin’s blockspace. Citrea’s approach diverges from these earlier attempts by leveraging the Bitcoin blockchain itself, aiming for a model that fosters active and sustainable participation across the Bitcoin Network.

This seed funding not only propels Chainway Labs closer to launching Citrea but also sets a new benchmark for what developers can achieve on the Bitcoin platform. With the promise of building upon Bitcoin’s secure foundation, Citrea opens up a world of possibilities for developers and users alike, aiming to bring Bitcoin security to scale.

Chainway Labs, under the leadership of CEO Orkun Mahir Kilic, is driven by a team committed to pushing the boundaries of Bitcoin scalability. As the project moves forward, the team invites passionate individuals to join their journey in redefining the future of Bitcoin’s infrastructure.

Through Citrea, Chainway Labs is not just enhancing Bitcoin’s transaction capabilities; it’s ushering in a new era for the blockchain, where its full computational and economic potential can be harnessed. This venture into zero-knowledge rollups represents a significant milestone for Bitcoin, promising a more inclusive, efficient, and versatile platform for users worldwide.


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