Crypto Speedsters Wirex and i2c Turbocharge Global Payments

When it comes to innovation in the cryptocurrency payments sector, strategic collaborations often serve as the catalyst for revolutionary changes. The recent partnership between Wirex, a leading cryptocurrency payments provider, and i2c, a technology solutions company, exemplifies this trend. The duo is reshaping the landscape of financial transactions, merging the worlds of crypto and traditional currency like never before.

Wirex, already a prominent name in the crypto world with a customer base of over five million in more than 100 countries, aims to make cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies equally accessible to all. Enabled by i2c’s technology, Wirex provides the infrastructure for users to store, send, receive, buy, sell, and spend more than 59 different crypto assets.

A recent conversation with Pavel Matveev, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Wirex, shed light on the company’s unwavering commitment to improving user experience. Matveev said, “It’s a great time to innovate to capture market share and increase market penetration by delivering on user experience.” Wirex is at the forefront of this drive, having already launched virtual cards and biometric Face ID, and showing no signs of slowing down.

At the core of Wirex’s ability to innovate quickly is i2c’s building-block technology. This platform allows Wirex to launch and scale new products rapidly while ensuring secure and convenient payment experiences for users. The technology is particularly instrumental in Wirex’s push to scale its offerings globally.

Speed is of the essence in today’s fast-paced crypto world, and this partnership is ensuring that Wirex remains agile. The company can launch new products and services in just weeks rather than months, a pace that is virtually unheard of in the financial industry. This agility is further highlighted in Wirex’s plans for geographical expansion. According to Matveev, “When we expand into a new country, like Australia for example, it takes us maybe a month to launch a new card program. You can’t really beat that.”

One size seldom fits all, especially in the world of finance. With that in mind, Wirex is leveraging i2c’s unified platform to offer specialized services tailored to diverse customer needs. Matveev pointed out the ease of launching multiple card programs, from standard to premium to ultra, for specific customer segments.

In conclusion, the partnership between Wirex and i2c is proving to be transformative in the fintech space. The two companies are clearly dedicated to redefining the future of banking and payments, making it easier, more secure, and more convenient for customers across the globe to navigate the ever-expanding world of financial transactions. As they say, the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts, and in this case, Wirex and i2c are showing that two heads are definitely better than one.


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