DigiByte Foundation partners with Safe Haven

DigiByte Foundation has announced a partnership with digital management organization Safe Haven, the developer of the DeFi solution for an inheritance, asset distribution, and asset control on the blockchain. The collaboration will reportedly include integration of their inheritance platform (inheriti) on the DigiByte blockchain and future SafeKey support on DigiByte support systems.

Safe Haven focuses on building crypto-asset solutions such as inheritance, pooling, hardware, and management platforms. The collaboration will allow Safe Haven to function as a Gold Sponsor for the DigiByte Foundation, while also utilizing the DigiByte (DGB) blockchain for storing inheritance shares.

While the platform is currently in BETA testing and will be released for public BETA shortly, users can obtain a SafeKey at the SafeKey Web Store and pay with DigiByte in the meantime, said the Safe Haven team.

DGB is one of the most completely decentralized blockchain projects in the crypto space, and the startup remains devoted to nurturing mainstream adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Earlier in the year, Jared Tate, the founder of DigiByte, met with the United States government on how to create more awareness about the distributed ledger technology, protect the decentralization of the blockchain, and promote the wider adoption of its ecosystem.


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