Digital Banking Start-up DNBC Weighs on Safety of Every Transaction

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Innovations have created more competitions, and increased practice of providing better access to opportunities as well as resources. Typically, digital banking start-ups are breaking the financial market with their unique and innovative developments. Going through many stages of digital innovations, DNBC Financial Group is also undergoing a profound transformation and adopting new technologies to ensure the safety of every transaction. 

DNBC puts safety and security on the top priority

DNBC Financial Group was founded by Le Hung Anh in 2017, professionally known as Jimmy Lee, headquartered in Singapore. With the mission to support individuals as well as enterprises in financial transactions over the world, DNBC recently makes the banking process easier and more convenient by adapting more innovative changes for digital payments. Digital innovations bring up a wide range of industrial business outcomes. It enables digital banking start-up DNBC to reach the target markets and focus more on customer bases.

Global access to data may raise concerns about how to respond to privacy breach and anti-cybercrime. Data security presents challenges in terms of stability with respect to many kinds of industry. Financial regulations should be focused on stability, integrity, competition, client protection, and privacy.

At DNBC, financial regulations are working to manage privacy policy, and reduce illicit activity, especially, anti-money laundering (AML). Relying on cybersecurity with respect to sensitive data and focusing on technologies to help digital banking surpass fraud in transactions. DNBC office in Lithuania has been working with Ernst & Young Baltic (E&Y) as an independent AML audit partner for its branch in Lithuania and EU/EEA to increase transparency, prevent money laundering and raise standards.

Financial Stability and Integrity at DNBC

Data sharing improves issues of dissymmetrical information and thus results in financial stability and integrity. DNBC approves standard contractual clauses as a legal mechanism for data transfers from the European Union. DNBC also relies on the EU-US privacy shields to protect personal information by some of the third-party service providers in the U.S that have certified qualifications to receive such information under the privacy shield programs. 

Another exclusive areas that DNBC stays focused on improving stable integrity are anti-money laundering (AML) and combaiting the financing of terrorism (CFT). Even though these areas carry costs in terms of carrying compliance and procedures, DNBC still takes a stance of demonstrating positive patterns. Therefore, this process may result in exclusion of individuals who cannot present enough positive documentation or do not have access to prove positive figures.  

Collaboration can help to create regulatory consistency, prevent cybercrime, and protect user data. Therefore, DNBC also cooperates with industry regulators as well as protection authorities to improve service efficiency. DNBC also launches IDenfy features and Authy OTP authentication that provides administrative resources for perceiving user identifications.

Secured Transfer Services at DNBC

The most comprehensive SEPA Transfer and International Transfer via SWIFT offerings are available to make DNBC become a trusted partner to many organizations and personal clients. Many SMEs and large companies around Europe, Asia, America, and Latin America choose DNBC for digital payments. Client’s data will always be SSL/TLS encrypted. Every transaction received via SMS with a request for payment, and will be asked to transfer the accepted amount.

“Specialized players as digital banking companies have unbundled financial services, allowing consumers to find and choose preferred suites of services. If technologies are going to increase convenience and facilitate secured payments, we seamlessly put them into the digital journey with our clients,” Founder & CEO, Mr. Jimmy Lee said.

Whether users are local residents or non-residents in any country, opening a digital online account will be able to enhance the safety of money transfer, and carry the payments everywhere through the digital banking channels. DNBC Personal Account is highly secured and packed with features to process fast and convenient payments. Cloud security solutions and use two-step authentication will be applied before and after the transfer process. 

In the case that users are from organizations or international business entities, owning a Corporate Account or an International Account will significantly speed up business operations. Users can receive payments as well as execute business expenses under the protection of 2FA authentications.

Digital banking services are all subject to the financial regulatory perimeter. Privacy and data protections bring up economically meaningful changes in the production of financial services. These regulations may be tending toward individual control. Balancing competition and efficiency with privacy, while increasing consumer protection and enhancing financial inclusion. DNBC always ensures that regulatory consistency of data privacy protections is necessary in competition. Therefore, every transaction via DNBC digital platform is beyond the scope of protecting privacy per digital payment.

DNBC Plans for IPO

When a company reaches to the stage of growing process in which it is considered to be mature enough for applying the disclosure form of IPO application. Along with the benefits and liability to public shareholders, DNBC is going to take the stance to show the company’s interests to the public. IPO is a big step as it provides DNBC with access to raising investment and introducing the company to the global market.

With a strategic and prudential plan for the next 5 years, DNBC is planning to take their turn in the market. Currently, DNBC is going through private assessment and the company has reached a private evaluation of approximately 100 million dollars. With millions searching for an “API” and “digital banking solutions” all over the world everyday, DNBC is now ready to prove potential profitability in the industry competition.


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