Dominic’s Game-Changer: AI Runs on Blockchain Smart Contract

In a groundbreaking development, Dominic, the founder of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), has unveiled the first-ever demonstration of artificial intelligence (AI) running on a blockchain as a smart contract. This innovative leap could potentially transform the landscape of web3 and the multi-chain world.

The demonstration employed the Internet Computer, heralded as the world’s first third-generation blockchain. Dominic’s vision extends beyond this initial showcase, as he promises that the code will soon be available for public use on the DFINITY’s Internet Computer testnet. This move comes with the anticipation that the Network Nervous System (NNS) will increase the per-transaction instruction limit in the near future.

However, it’s important to note that the inference engine used in this demonstration has not yet been optimized. Dominique assures that subsequent demos will exhibit significantly greater efficiency, with the AI running faster and consuming less gas/cycles.

Furthermore, there are plans to propose to the NNS that smart contracts have access to SIMD instructions, which have been determined to be deterministic. This would unlock unprecedented speed and efficiency. Additionally, the current 32-bit environment limitation of the actor smart contracts hosted by ICP is expected to transition to a 64-bit environment, thereby substantially increasing the memory limits for smart contracts.

Dominic’s posts have also hinted at planned hardware optimization support. This includes WASM smart contracts offloading matrix processing to the CPUs of node machines and the proposal of a new public node machine specification. These machines, designed for AI smart contract hosting, would incorporate several GPUs, ensuring smart contract determinism.

The mission behind these technological advancements is to enable powerful Large Language Models (LLMs) to run as tamperproof, unstoppable, and optionally autonomous smart contracts on the Internet Computer. This could lead to a future where interactions with smart contracts are as seamless as chatting with a friend, organizations are coordinated by smart contracts, and Ethereum smart contracts are audited for security by ICP smart contracts.

Dominic’s vision extends to a future where AI and third-generation blockchain technology are inseparable. AI models could be traded as NFTs, and thanks to the Internet Computer’s chain key capabilities, all blockchains could leverage AI smart contracts.

This pioneering demonstration has set the stage for a future where secure and unstoppable AI is a reality. The crypto AI development community is poised for a significant boost with new SDK enhancements and partnerships. The possibilities are endless, and the excitement for what’s to come is palpable.


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