Fake Rabby Wallet App Sparks User Outcry and Losses

Reports have emerged of a counterfeit Rabby Wallet app wreaking havoc among users of the Apple App Store. The team behind DeBank’s Rabby Wallet issued a cautionary statement on Feb. 16, confirming that any app currently available on the store under the name “Rabby Wallet & Crypto Solution” is fraudulent, as the official app is still under review.

The impostor app, attributed to a company named “Solution Development,” has been circulating on the App Store for at least four days, despite numerous user reports flagging its malicious intent. Despite the uproar, the app persists, raising concerns about the vetting process for apps on the Apple platform.

One Reddit user, ‘manolodf’, took to the platform on Feb. 18 to sound the alarm about the fake wallet app. Their post, also shared on the Apple discussion board, included distressing screenshots from individuals who fell victim to the scam.

The gravity of the situation hit hard for one victim who lamented, “This is insane and should NEVER happen on Apple Ecosystem, how does a counterfeit Crypto Wallet make it on the app store that just steals their money by posing as the real one.” Another user disclosed a staggering loss of approximately $5,000 to the fraudulent app and has pursued avenues for potential reimbursement from Apple.

Expressing the magnitude of the losses, another user recounted, “I’ve just lost 10% of my portfolio due to a fake Rabby_io application from the Apple store.”

The implications extend beyond financial losses. An NFT collector known as ‘bthemouth’ shared a harrowing experience of having their wallets emptied by the fake Rabby app, which reportedly accessed their seed phrase. In a move to trace the perpetrator, the user identified an address associated with the hacker, containing nearly 14 ETH valued at approximately $40,000 at the time of reporting.

The incident underscores the vulnerability of users within the crypto space and raises questions about the efficacy of app review processes on major platforms like Apple. As crypto adoption surges, ensuring the security of users’ digital assets becomes paramount, calling for greater vigilance and accountability from app store gatekeepers.

In the wake of this debacle, crypto enthusiasts are left grappling with the fallout, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness and stringent measures to safeguard against such fraudulent activities. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks inherent in the digital asset landscape, urging stakeholders to prioritize robust security protocols and user education initiatives to mitigate future threats.

As users navigate the complexities of the crypto ecosystem, the pursuit of secure platforms and trustworthy applications remains paramount in safeguarding against potential pitfalls and preserving the integrity of digital assets.


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