Hubble Exchange Launches Decentralized Perpetuals Platform on Avalanche Subnet

Hubble Exchange, the latest decentralized exchange on the block, has rolled out its perpetuals platform, bringing a game-changing innovation to the table: a fully decentralized matching and liquidation engine. What sets Hubble apart is its decentralized order book, delivering a user experience reminiscent of centralized exchanges while maintaining the transparency and composability of decentralized platforms. All of this is achieved using USDC as a gas token.

As the inaugural product on Hubblenet, a novel L1 Subnet constructed on Avalanche, Hubble Exchange benefits from unparalleled customization options. At the launch, trading pairs include AVAX, ETH, and SOL, with promises of more to come. The unique flexibility of Avalanche Subnets empowers Hubble Exchange to utilize USDC as the gas token, streamlining the user experience by eliminating the need for traders to hold L1 and L2 coins exclusively for gas payments.

USDC, already native on various EVM chains, serves as a convenient gas token and marks the first collateral token on Hubble Exchange. Plans are in place to expand collateral options to include LSTs such as ggAVAX, sAVAX, and stETH. Leveraging LayerZero, Hubble Exchange allows users to deposit assets seamlessly from most EVMs with just a single click, positioning itself as a potential central trading hub for EVM blockchains like Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Polygon, and more.

One of Hubble’s standout features is the abstraction of a key DeFi user experience bottleneck: transaction signing. Upon bridging assets to Hubblenet from other EVMs, a Hubble browser wallet is automatically generated, handling all transactions on the platform. This streamlined process results in a cleaner and faster trading experience.

Breaking away from the norm, Hubble Exchange introduces a Decentralized Limit Order Book (DLOB), challenging the centralized nature of most order book exchanges. Unlike traditional Centralized Limit Order Books (CLOB), Hubble’s operations, including order matching and liquidations, are carried out on-chain via Hubblenet’s validators. This approach aims to combine the transparency of an Automated Market Maker (AMM) with the capital efficiency and pricing accuracy of an order book.

Offering all the familiar features of a centralized exchange, Hubble Exchange goes further by introducing extensive decentralization, featuring limit orders without slippage, tight spreads, and minimal transaction fees. The exchange’s EVM and multi-collateral architecture pave the way for the development of new products, fostering a robust HubbleFi ecosystem with composability at its core. This flexibility aims to unlock perpetual-based use cases across EVM chains, driving trading volume to Hubble Exchange.

Designed as a multi-collateral perpetual futures protocol, Hubble Exchange allows traders to maintain exposure to a diverse portfolio of assets while collateralizing their margin account. The platform’s multi-collateral and EVM composability open the door to innovative products, including leveraged tokens and on-chain delta-neutral liquid staking strategies. With Hubble Exchange, the future of decentralized trading is looking brighter than ever.


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