LedgerLife Announces ‘June13 Collection’ NFTs

LedgerLife.io recently unveiled its “June13 Collection” of NFTs, making its mark on StakeCube’s NFT Marketplace. This isn’t just another NFT collection. It boasts a diverse array of digital art, including AI-generated pieces, art from other collections, and even photographs. What sets it apart is its limited supply and an intriguing concept involving masternode rewards for token holders.

The collection is capped at a maximum supply of 1,000 NFTs, each one serving a dual purpose. These aren’t just digital art pieces; they’re intrinsically linked to the articles and stories featured on LedgerLife.io. In a crowded NFT landscape, this editorial connection adds a refreshing layer of depth and context to the tokens.

But the collection isn’t limited to LedgerLife’s creations. The platform also plans to source rare pieces from other artists to include in the mix. Purchasing these NFTs acts as a nod of approval for LedgerLife’s media work. Known for its coverage of crypto, NFT and macro news, LedgerLife also keeps its audience updated on projects like StakeCube and PIVX. If you appreciate LedgerLife’s media endeavours, owning one of these NFTs lets you hold a piece of this editorial world.

The conversation takes an exciting turn when discussing potential masternode rewards. LedgerLife is toying with the idea of locking all proceeds from NFT sales into a masternode. If executed, this would offer NFT holders the chance to share in the masternode’s rewards, adding a financial lure to these digital assets. Ledgerlife has proposed this idea to StakeCube to see if they can play the role of a facilitator.

The “June13” label celebrates the founding day of StakeCube, adding another layer of context to this already multi-faceted collection. LedgerLife intends to continue minting and listing these NFTs, drawing inspiration from their featured stories.

The story doesn’t end there. LedgerLife has found another avenue to engage with its community. It already has a weekly update on PIVX published every Friday and has carved out a space on Solana’s Hub3.io, where users can purchase keys to support the platform.

Speaking of Hub3, it’s making a splash in the SocialFi sector. Built on the Solana blockchain, it has set itself apart with unique features that focus on real-time user interactions. Within a short span, it has seen a trading volume exceeding $2,000,000. Hub3’s standout feature is its geolocation service, allowing users to interact based on their locations.

For an initial deposit of 0.1 SOL (roughly $2.3), users can dive into a dynamic experience that includes engaging with influencers and participating in private chat rooms. Its real-time activity tracking and built-in map tool offer a versatile platform for various types of interactions.


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