Live streaming website DLive is back on Steemit!

DLive, a live streaming website that utilizes blockchain technology, on site staking, no platform cuts, has returned to the Steemit website where they will announce new events, updates and campaigns for the Steemit community to join.

Over the past 2 years DLive has seen incredible growth in all areas of the world including Turkey, Brazil, Norway, the US and the UK.

DLive offers creators the ability to instantly monetize their content with Lemon donations without any cuts going to the platform itself.

The BTT Staking feature on DLive is to reward those who stake their BTT tokens to support DLive. The BTT Staking rewards come from the 25% of all donations and subscriptions on DLive every day. BTT Staking is a unique DLive only feature designed to give back to the community by offering incentives by participating in the overall growth of the platform.


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