MELDapp Revamps: New Era Crypto Tools Unveiled

In the latest edition of their Development Diaries, MELDapp shares a detailed insight into the recent enhancements and processes shaping their application. With a firm focus on meeting their December deliverables, the team is vigorously advancing their web and mobile platforms, showcasing a commitment to continuous improvement and user-centric development.

On the web front, MELDapp is moving full steam ahead. The team’s efforts are concentrated on the ongoing development of MELD staking dashboards, catering to various users like the public, node operators, and administrators, alongside the refinement of their APIs. A significant leap has been made with the commencement of end-to-end testing for both liquid and locked staking of $MELD, marking a critical step towards comprehensive service enhancement.

The mobile platform is witnessing equally impressive advancements. Key developments include the integration of a newly refurbished dashboard into the main app and consistent polishing to ensure a smooth user experience. Improvements aren’t just cosmetic; they extend to functional aspects like updating token cards’ layout, fixing issues with the registration country list, and enhancing token expiration error handling during the sign-up process. A notable feature addition is the ‘MAX’ button in the ‘Enter amount’ screen for crypto transactions, simplifying user interaction.

Beta testers, a community now exceeding 300 contributors, have been instrumental in refining the app experience. The team has diligently addressed several issues reported by this group. Fixes range from resolving KYC process glitches to improving the application’s handling of cities with diacritics in their names. Enhancements in error messaging for passcode changes and the correct display of gas fees in the send flow demonstrate MELDapp’s attention to detail and user feedback.

UX/UI improvements have been a focal point, with the goal of enhancing both clarity and accessibility. The reduction in the size of asset tiles in the Crypto Wallet view allows for a more expansive display of assets. Navigation within the app has been made more intuitive, especially in the ‘Send’ flow, with clear indications of transaction blockchains and a more informative summary screen. Additionally, the application now displays asset performance indicators in an easy-to-understand format, catering to both seasoned investors and newcomers to the crypto world.

On the application development side, the team has made strides in adding code comments across all packages, obfuscating sensitive data in server logs, and optimizing notification message tracking. Significant work has also been undertaken in setting up a docker for deploying MELD staking contracts on a local testnet environment and in the ongoing refinement of NFT pagination.

The infrastructure supporting MELDapp has not been overlooked. Minor issues with the Cardano and Avalanche testnet nodes have been rectified, and upgrades have been applied to improve overall system performance. Furthermore, resource allocation on several Fargate services has been downgraded, indicating a strategic approach to cost and resource management.

MELDapp’s latest developments highlight their unwavering commitment to enhancing user experience and reliability. By continuously refining and expanding their services, they are positioning themselves as a dynamic and user-focused player in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.


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