Post-Jubilee Insights: A Cryptic Shift in the World of Inscriptions

The jubilee may have concluded, but its impact on the realm of inscriptions lingers, revealing a nuanced landscape post-celebration.

Negative inscription numbers, once shrouded in uncertainty, now stand as permanent markers in the post-jubilee world. Speculations arise about the heightened value of cursed inscriptions, as their creation faces an unforeseen halt.

Contrary to the jubilee narrative, the cessation of cursed inscriptions proves elusive. Unidentified bugs persist, leaving the door ajar for potential additions to this enigmatic category. The purported ‘last cursed inscription’ may merely be a chapter in an ongoing saga, with the protocol evolving and new bugs adding layers to the mystery.

Amidst the jubilee aftermath, the Ordinals protocol undergoes a thorough transformation. Bugs are unearthed, some metamorphosed into cursed Ordinals and blessed, while others face a banishment from the realm of tradable inscriptions. The protocol’s newfound stability marks a departure from the days of random protocol issues, promising a smoother trajectory moving forward.

With a fortified Ordinals protocol, the avenue for building meta-protocols widens. While not devoid of risks, the post-jubilee stability theoretically facilitates the integration and upgrading of meta-protocols like BRC-20. The aspiration is for bugs to refrain from disrupting the potential for stable foundations upon which innovative meta-protocols can flourish.

The echoes of the jubilee resonate in the cryptic world of inscriptions, promising stability and potential advancements as the post-jubilee era unfolds.

Happy Jubilee Day, Everyone.


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