Reinventing the NFT Wheel: How Tensor’s Superfans are More than Just Pixels on Solana

Maria Irene

In a digital landscape where owning a unique, cryptographically verified cat image can be as status-signaling as a Rolex, Solana’s blockchain has its standout player—Tensor. Far from a conventional NFT marketplace, Tensor is defining its own league. In an enlightening discussion with the team from, a burgeoning DeFi platform on Solana, Tensor revealed the essence of their flagship project, Tensorians, providing insight into what the future holds for NFTs and digital communities.

According to Tensor, they are targeting the “NFT degens on Solana” with both their “lite and pro mode.” Their game-changing angle? Compressed NFTs. “We believe they are THE pathway for Solana to become the dominant chain for all things digital assets,” the team stated. It’s a proposition that resonates deeply with the ethos of Solana—high throughput, low costs, and limitless possibilities. They proudly assert they were the first marketplace to trade in compressed NFTs, pushing Solana’s capabilities to the forefront of digital innovation.

The heart of Tensor, however, is not just in the code; it’s in their community. “Tensorians is our way to identify the superfans of Tensor,” the team reveals. These aren’t just rabid collectors, they’re also the beta testers, the feedback loop, and the brand ambassadors, enjoying exclusive perks like early access to features and a community space on Discord. “Tensorians will be part of the journey as our loud and outspoken superfans,” they added, underscoring the symbiotic relationship that is so crucial in the decentralized world of Web3.

When it comes to the financial backbone, the Tensor team is as strategic as they are innovative. “A large portion of Tensor’s treasury is in a Squads multisig. We keep about 50% of it in stablecoins, and the rest in SOL,” they informed. They hold a larger-than-average SOL position, not just for its potential upside, but to be active participants in securing the Solana network. Their treasury strategy thus serves a dual purpose—risk mitigation and ecosystem support.

The Tensor community, primarily made up of these Tensorians, has been instrumental in the platform’s growth. “Most of the Tensor community are Tensorians already!” they noted, adding that more than 80% of their active traders showcase Tensorian profile pictures on social media. And how do they cultivate such a fanatical following? “You just have to care (genuinely) and show it in every way,” was their straightforward answer.

This community-first approach was evident when they launched the “Mad Lads mint,” deciding to give 100% of their marketplace fees back to Mad Lads traders for three months. They believe that nurturing a community isn’t rocket science, but rather a commitment to shared growth. “If you share your growth with your community and have a great product experience, they will support you to the end of times,” they emphasized.

Looking ahead, Tensor is buoyant about the road ahead. “Our vision is to become the dominant ecosystem for all things digital assets,” they declared. There’s a sense of long-term commitment, with the team stating, “We take a very long-term view on how we build Tensor and the Tensorians community.” They aren’t just building a platform; they are building an ecosystem, a family.

Tensor and its army of Tensorians are poised to redefine what it means to be an NFT marketplace. It’s not just a trading floor for pixelated rarities; it’s a community, a movement, and a vision for a digital-first future. And with allies like by their side, their chances of shaping that future look more promising than ever.


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