RiskOnBlast Project Suspected of Rug Pull in Blast Ecosystem

In a shocking turn of events, the RiskOnBlast project, a gambling platform operating within the Blast layer-2 ecosystem, is suspected of executing the first rug pull on Blast. The project’s funds, website, and social media presence have all vanished, leaving investors in turmoil.

According to findings by Arkham Intelligence, on February 25th, the balances of RiskOnBlast plummeted to zero as funds seemed to have been illicitly drained. The project, which had recently conducted a presale token offering for its token RISK, raised a significant amount totaling $1.25 million between February 22nd and 23rd. However, suspicion arose when the project’s team began transferring funds in DAI to ChangeNOW, a noncustodial crypto exchange.Further exacerbating concerns, Etherscan flagged the project’s address as a phishing scam, cautioning users against interacting with it. Andrew Choi, a tech lead at Coinbase, sounded an alert after noticing the sudden disappearance of RiskOnBlast’s online presence on February 25th.
Blockchain sleuths, notably Amir Ormu, uncovered distressing details, revealing that the team behind RiskOnBlast had allegedly laundered $850,000 of the stolen funds through ChangeNOW and distributed funds to other exchanges such as MEXC and Bybit.
In response to the crisis, the crypto community has united efforts to track down the missing funds. Victims of the rug pull, including NFT investor ‘MoonCat2878’, have demonstrated solidarity by donating towards investigative endeavors. ‘MoonCat2878’ contributed 1 ETH to ZachXBT, a renowned blockchain sleuth known for his work in recovering stolen crypto assets.
The extent of the damage caused by the rug pull is substantial, with victims reporting losses amounting to thousands of dollars. One victim disclosed a loss of $12,500, while another suffered losses totaling $10,000.
Alarm bells were raised earlier when the RiskOnBlast project was announced by the Blast team on February 12th. Concerns were heightened due to the anonymity of the small three-person team behind the gambling platform, raising red flags within the community.
As investigations continue and efforts to recover the stolen funds persist, the RiskOnBlast incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks inherent in the crypto space and the importance of due diligence before investing in any project.


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