SmartCash is now best performing masternode

This week (12-19 August), the Masternode Stats page has SmartCash listed as the best-performing masternode, moving from 10th place last week to 1st place this week. SmartCash has remained on the top-10 list for 3 weeks in a row. SmartCash secured the 1st position with a weekly gain of 32%.

Polis and Zenon are this week’s first and second runners-up, respectively. While Polis recorded a 7-day gain of 31%, Zenon secured the 3rd position with a weekly gain of 24%.

Other masternodes on this week’s top-10 list include Vitae, Wagerr, GHOSTPRISM, FYDcoin, ZEL, Flits, and MonetaryUnit.

This week’s overall gain spread is lower than the previous week. Last week there was a gain spread of 124% to 13% in the top-10 list.


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