Solana’s DeFi Evolution: A Deep Dive into Ecosystem Players and Value Propositions

Maria Irene
Solana, this bear market, has become a focal point of DeFi innovations. With an ever-expanding list of projects and a growing Total Value Locked (TVL), Solana has established itself as a formidable player in decentralized finance. In this article, we look into the intricacies of DeFi on Solana, focusing on key projects and the current state of its ecosystem.

The Landscape of Solana DeFi: Key Projects and Offerings
Orca, Mango, and Marinade: A Trifecta of User Experience and Innovation
Orca stands out as the first user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange built on Solana. Designed with usability in mind, it offers a streamlined experience for crypto trading. Next is Marinade, a leading liquid-staking platform that supports Solana’s decentralisation agenda. This platform provides stakers an opportunity to keep their assets liquid while contributing to the network’s stability. Mango, meanwhile, serves traders with an appetite for leverage, offering up to 5x on its decentralized, cross-margin trading platform.

Emerging Protocols: Cypher, Tulip Protocol, and Quarry
Cypher is part of Solana DeFi 2.0, a group of protocols aiming to bring about a renaissance in Solana’s DeFi offerings. Tulip Protocol has the distinction of being Solana’s first yield aggregation platform. On the other hand, Quarry is paving the way for the launch of liquidity mining programmes, making it easier for projects to incentivise user participation.

The Institutional Angle: Circle Yield and Francium
Circle Yield caters to the institutional market, allowing for the lending of USDC in overcollateralised loans. It operates on both Ethereum and Solana blockchains, thus bridging the gap between two major DeFi ecosystems. Francium, a yield strategy platform, offers leveraged farming and on-chain trading strategies, adding an extra layer of sophistication for the more savvy investors.

Navigating the Numbers: The TVL in Solana’s DeFi Ecosystem
As of October 2, 2023, the TVL on Solana’s blockchain peaked at $338.82 million, slightly dipping thereafter to around $329.59 million. This TVL growth isn’t just a flash in the pan; it’s a testament to Solana’s resilience and growth potential in a year marred by market volatility and regulatory hurdles. From a historical standpoint, Solana’s TVL reached an all-time high of over $10 billion in November 2021. Despite setbacks such as the association with the now-bankrupt FTX exchange, the ecosystem has shown an almost 40% growth in TVL year-to-date from $210 million at the start of 2023.

Projects like Drift, marginfi, and Solend have been particularly impactful in driving this growth. Special mention must be made of Marinade Finance, whose liquid staking protocol was instrumental in a 91% surge in TVL on Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) protocols.

Spotlight on Liquid Staking and Decentralised Lending: and Marginfi A New Paradigm in Liquid Staking allows users to stake SOL tokens in exchange for JitoSOL, a liquid staking derivative. This gives stakers the best of both worlds: they can unlock liquidity while still retaining custody of their funds. Additionally, they earn MEV rewards on Solana. The network aids in decentralising Solana by spreading stakes across the network and enhancing its efficiency.

Marginfi: The Future of Decentralised Lending?
Marginfi is noted for its suite of smart contracts that enable efficient and transparent lending and borrowing. It gives traders a unified account for margin activities, boosting capital efficiency across trading protocols on Solana. It has also been integral in the recent surge in Solana’s DeFi activity, with its native token, bSOL, becoming increasingly utilised thanks to trading deals across the Solana DeFi landscape.

Solana’s DeFi ecosystem is not just growing; it is evolving. From user-friendly exchanges like Orca to complex yield strategy platforms like Francium, Solana is carving out a unique space in the DeFi universe. Its resilience in bouncing back from market downturns and setbacks speaks volumes about its potential to be a leading DeFi blockchain in the years to come. Whether you’re an individual trader or an institutional investor, Solana’s DeFi ecosystem offers a plethora of opportunities that should not be overlooked.


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