StakeCube to List Monreo Amid Infrastructure Upgrades and Cost Reductions

Maria Irene

StakeCube, a popular cryptocurrency platform, has provided an update on its progress, ongoing initiatives, and plans to enhance user experience. Notably, the platform will list new coins, including Monreo, expanding its offerings to users.

The technical team at StakeCube has been working on reorganizing wallets and nodes, transitioning from 12-month contracts to 1-month contracts. This shift aims to provide greater flexibility with NodeCube and enhance the platform’s ability to accommodate new nodes or cancellations. StakeCube has migrated its infrastructure to dedicated servers with a new provider, which has led to a 44% reduction in monthly operating costs since January. Further cost decreases are expected in the coming months.

The platform’s income for April was lower than in March, despite an increase in exchange fees. The decline in income is attributed to reduced revenue from credits and NodeCube, as well as lower ad impressions. To counter this trend, StakeCube is enhancing its frontend and user-facing features, setting up a test environment to allow more team members to contribute to development without compromising security. The main developer will review and deploy new features to the live website, ensuring a smooth user experience.

StakeCube is currently reviewing the SCC bonus program and discussing potential changes to make it more appealing to users. Updates and improvements to the bonus program will be announced in the near future.

Debt tokens have been actively trading on the exchange, and StakeCube will soon start burning tokens collected from fees, providing regular updates on the number of tokens burned and other statistics. StakeCube will send its newsletter via email to all registered users in addition to posting it on to keep users informed about platform developments.

Recently listed coins on StakeCube include Gridcoin (GRC), Meowcoin (MEWC), and Modden (MDDN), with users invited to join the platform’s pool for staking and masternodes. Upcoming listings include Adamant (ADM) and Monero (XMR), further expanding StakeCube’s coin offerings.


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