Star Atlas Breaks Ground: ATMTA Unleashes Free Access to Developer Tools on Solana

In a major move for Solana developers, Star Atlas creator ATMTA opens the doors to its developer tools and documentation through ATMTA. The Solana blockchain now welcomes game creators into the Star Atlas ecosystem, starting with the launch of the SAGE Labs browser-based game.

Developers can explore Star Atlas’ intricacies through a dedicated building hub, offering free access to a treasure trove of assets—imagery, audiovisual elements, Unreal Engine tooling, APIs, and mainnet program IDs and addresses. Noteworthy features include a player profile for personalized gaming, ATLAS token integration for Solana transactions, a system managing token ownership and permissions, a faction enlistment tool for widespread use, and tools for in-game token regulation.

Star Atlas, a space exploration-themed RPG on the Solana network, continues to captivate with innovations. The SAGE Labs game extends the Star Atlas universe, providing a browser-based experience.

ATMTA emphasizes transparency by making Star Atlas data publicly available, fostering trust among players and stakeholders. The initiative aims to cultivate a broader ecosystem of apps surrounding the game.

ATMTA’s revenue model stands out; no fees apply for the first $1 million gross revenue for companies using Star Atlas tools. Beyond this threshold, fees range from 3% to 10%, depending on the industry or sector.

The release from ATMTA highlights the tools’ versatility in creating new functionalities around SAGE Labs and enabling creators to explore new genres. The goal is to build an ecosystem of individuals eager to contribute and innovate around Star Atlas.

While optimistic about the rollout, ATMTA acknowledges potential challenges, expecting inquiries from those seeking to build with the tools. Despite hurdles, the company remains confident in the community’s support and looks forward to the continued success of Star Atlas.

The road to success has had its challenges, including a staff reduction in July. However, ATMTA’s strategic decisions have resulted in improved efficiency and momentum. Revenues are on the rise, and community sentiment remains high.

SAGE Labs’ build hub, initially designed for the Solana ecosystem, welcomes developers from any blockchain. With SAGE Labs, creators can design their front-end UI, customize gameplay mechanics, and even launch separate products while utilizing Star Atlas assets.

In the words of ATMTA, “Here’s a repository of assets, including branding and Star Atlas imagery, that you are free to use.” The Star Atlas journey continues, promising a dynamic and expansive future in the blockchain gaming space.


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