Steem community remains optimistic following acquisition 

Steem members have come out with mixed responses on Justin Sun’s acquisition of their platform. Some of them took to Steemit to back Justin Sun while others are calling for a “fork”. But fork from what? The fact of the matter is, Tron and Steemit team members have clarified that there’s no immediate change over to Tron blockchain, although the direction is unclear. It’s important to note that Justin Sun has reconfirmed the current team will stay and collaborate with Tron devs. Which, in uncertain terms, is a confirmation that there’s no major changes round the corner and Sun wants to focus on a collaborative approach.

As per an interview given by @andrarchy, the head of communications of Steemit, to @exyle, Steemit was so broke that they had only a few months of funds left to survive as a business. If you read between the lines, Justin Sun and Tron rescued Steemit from a financial collapse. Two of its co-founders Ned Scott and EOS founder Daniel Larimer had changed directions long back. Larimer had left to form EOS. Although Ned stuck around, his teammates, including @andrarchy feel Scott spent more time on his other projects. Scott himself cited personal reasons at last weekend’s AMA. Scott also confirmed that he’s more excited about “other projects he’s working on” currently. We don’t know yet what these projects are. Steem and Steemit were almost an abandoned ship with a few witnesses doing their bits to steer it on a course.
There’s no denial that Steemit is a great product and community fears are justified. Sifting through bloggers views on the acquisition, it’s evident that there’s a sense of optimism in the air. There’s also a warning from some members that if Steemit moves away from a decentralised platform with interference from Tron and Justin in its functioning, then a fork is inevitable.
Here are some interesting quotes from Steemit members on the acquisition:
@gerbino: Tron has something Steem needs desperately — marketing capabilities. There are many ways I can see this acquisition going very well for both Tron and Steem. Steem has really proven itself to be the vehicle that reshapes how social media is done. We’ve had so many engineering successes and very little hype. All this could change in the near future and that is very exciting.

@andrarchy: I believe that we have not yet scratched the surface of Steem’s transformative potential, and nothing is more important to me than working with you all, the community, and my Steemit teammates to reach that potential.

@blockbrothers: Witnesses should know that it’s impossible to just copy a blockchain like Steem and paste it onto Tron. Witnesses should be calm and assertive and act like leaders until they have the facts. You can’t go around creating FUD.

@jaguarforce: We didn’t invest years of our time to be migrated to a shitchain run by a shil…Let’s show Justin what a PR nightmare we can be if he continues on this path. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the time to fight the good fight. Lets go!

@taskmaster44500:  It looks like business as usual for the Steemit Inc team and the community at large. The big difference is there is a new owner.

@steempress: As a Steem witness, we want to ensure that the expectations of the community are represented and fought for. Our current user base and stakeholders have stayed with Steem through a long bear market looking forward to the promises that were made to them in the form of communities, SMTs, and the other core values of Steem.


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