Takeoff Alert: Travala and PIVX’s Sky-High Aspirations in Crypto Travel!

Maria Irene

Two industry titans—Travala and PIVX—are in serious talks about a full integration, adding an electrifying new layer to the future of travel for PIVX holders. This integration could redefine the entire masternode space by creating an ecosystem of seamless crypto-based travel.Founded in 2017, Travala.com has evolved into the world’s premier blockchain-based travel booking platform. Backed by Binance, the platform offers over 3 million travel products in 230 countries and accepts a wide range of payment methods—more than 100, to be exact. These range from traditional credit/debit cards and WeChat Pay to a plethora of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The integration with PIVX promises to add yet another convenient payment option, making it possible for users to purchase air tickets or other travel products using PIV coins.

PIVX’s burgeoning growth extends far beyond its exciting dialogue with Travala. The recent rollout of ‘My PIVX Wallet’ version v1.2.0 was a resounding success, offering a slew of fixes and dynamic new features such as an updated Contacts and Address Book. This latest version underscores PIVX’s commitment to its community, incorporating numerous minor improvements suggested by users. Furthermore, PIVX is making strides to simplify its interface, replacing cryptic icons with straightforward, text-based “Send” and “Receive” buttons.

On the innovation front, PIVX is gearing up to launch SHIELD Staking, a groundbreaking feature that adds a level of anonymity to staking. This feature, although not yet live, symbolizes a significant advancement in PIVX’s privacy-centric ethos and has the potential to revolutionize staking protocols in the crypto world. PIVX has already showcased its technological prowess through its application of the zk-SNARKS privacy protocol and a rewarding partnership with Hummingbot, focusing on the PIVX/BTC trading pair on Binance.

Investors have much to look forward to in this evolving narrative. PIVX is emerging as more than just an investment option; it’s a pathway for individuals to assert control over their financial privacy. The soon-to-be-released SHIELD Staking feature aims to democratize the privacy landscape, offering both tech-savvy and casual investors a secure staking experience without compromising financial confidentiality. This comes on top of PIVX’s recent listings on reputable platforms like ChangeHero and LBank, along with masternodes promising an attractive yearly ROI of around 18%.

PIVX’s ongoing discussions with Travala serve as a tantalizing topping on an already delicious sundae of innovation and expansion. It’s evident that PIVX isn’t merely participating in the crypto game—it’s leading, rewriting rules, and persistently pushing boundaries.

We’re committed to offering deeper, more comprehensive insights into these compelling updates. Be sure to catch our holistic video coverage of the latest Superblock report this Friday, as we usually do, to grasp the full extent of how PIVX is transforming the masternode and privacy-centric cryptocurrency landscape.


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