The Power of Unity: How a Surge in Masternodes is Energising PIVX

Maria Irene

PIVX is a name that’s often accompanied by a series of impressive adjectives: fast, cheap, shielded, and most importantly, secure. A major reason behind this secure network is the increasing number of Masternodes, which currently stands at 1746. This is a very impressive number; it’s a thumbs up to the growing trust and involvement in the PIVX community.

Masternodes not only contribute to network security but also facilitate a range of services including instant transactions and governance participation. It’s these Masternodes that make PIVX more than just a cryptocurrency; they make it a community-driven network where the coin’s utility extends beyond simple transactions. The impressive estimated annual reward of 18.06% and 22.57% of PIVX locked in Masternodes are not mere statistics; they’re the community’s vote of confidence in the network’s strength and longevity.

In the industry spotlight, Now Nodes featured PIVX in their Privacy Week series, acknowledging the blockchain’s focus on privacy and security. Recognition from Now Nodes, a prominent node provider supporting more than 80 blockchain networks, signifies the importance of the Masternode infrastructure in establishing PIVX as a secure and credible asset.

Apart from this, the PIVX community is buzzing with activities that differentiate it from the typical crypto crowd. Take the ‘Taste the World with PIVX’ contest, for example. Due to overwhelming support, the contest was extended for another week, till 25 October, offering the community a chance to win 1000 PIVX. Such events not only foster engagement but also cultivate a sense of belonging among participants, thereby strengthening the network indirectly.

In terms of technical advancements, the upcoming PIVCards platform has made significant leaps. Scheduled to go live on October 30th, the autonomous system promises near-zero maintenance and rapid dispatch speeds. On the other hand, My PIVX Wallet (MPW) has been updated to be more user-friendly and efficient. This twin thrust of innovation and community engagement creates an environment where Masternodes are not just incentivised but celebrated.

All these factors make PIVX a community driven coin. PIVX is an ecosystem, built on the pillars of privacy, utility, and most importantly, community involvement, as evidenced by the increasing number of Masternodes. In a landscape where cryptocurrencies often struggle to find a unique value proposition, PIVX stands out by banking on its strengths, which are solidified by its robust Masternode network.

Whether you’re eyeing a rewarding investment or yearning to be part of a vibrant, secure community, PIVX offers a unique proposition. Circle October 30th on your calendars, as that’s when the PIVCards platform is set to revolutionise the network. And let’s not forget, the swelling ranks of Masternodes are far more than mere statistics; they’re a loud and clear announcement that PIVX isn’t just growing—it’s evolving.


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