Trump’s Mugshot NFTs and Bitcoin Ordinals: A Crypto Adventure Unfolds

Donald Trump dives headfirst into the NFT universe, bringing a dash of unpredictability to the table. The “Mugshot Edition” collection, which surfaced on the Polygon (MATIC) network in December, has taken an unexpected twist. Trump’s team now offers a tempting proposition for the audacious NFT enthusiasts.

For those daring enough to explore the realm of Trump Digital Trading Cards, here’s the scoop: snag 100 or more Mugshot Edition NFTs, and voila—a rare “One-of-One” trading card awaits, minted as a Bitcoin Ordinal.

This exclusive opportunity comes at a cost – a minimum spend of $9,900, precisely. The Ordinals, capped at a mere 200 unique pieces, inject a sense of scarcity into the mix. Transactions were facilitated through credit cards or directly with Wrapped Ether (WETH).

However, before you rush into the trading frenzy, there’s a caveat. The Mugshot NFTs and their Ordinal counterparts remain in a crypto slumber until December 2024. The project’s official X account has made it clear: these NFTs are not investment tools. The intentional delay is aimed at steering away from the speculative rush, emphasizing that these digital collectibles are meant for “individual enjoyment only.”

In Trump’s NFT venture, the game seems to revolve around more than just owning a slice of digital history—it’s about unlocking an exclusive future in the form of Bitcoin Ordinals. Brace yourselves for a crypto journey that’s unconventional and intriguing.


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