Unearthing Digital Gold: HIVE’s Plan to Trade Rare ‘Uncommon Sats’ Unleashes New ‘Ordinal’ Era

Maria Irene

Seated on a handsome treasure of ‘uncommon sats’, HIVE Digital Technologies, one of the leading cryptocurrency miners, plans to start transactions in these premium-valued satoshis. These are the first of each Bitcoin block, unearthed through the novel Bitcoin protocol Ordinals, and the Canadian firm is poised to disrupt the crypto trade with a cache of 272 such rare digital nuggets.

HIVE’s ambitious gameplan doesn’t stop there. This trailblazing firm is orchestrating a tech ballet, combining old Ethereum mining rigs, AI expertise, and the disruptive power of Ordinals to create an AI-powered generative art pipeline. Aydin Kilic, the CEO, likens their bold maneuver to the awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics of the Blue Angels, an elite jet fighter squadron.

A “soup-to-nuts AI and Ordinals project” is in the offing, Kilic declared, illustrating their desire to make full use of their technological might. A testament to HIVE’s dominance in the AI and Bitcoin spheres, this initiative aims to craft and etch AI art onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

Fueled by Ordinals—the protocol that breathed new life into Bitcoin by enabling the creation of NFT-like assets—HIVE’s initiative holds vast potential. Even as initial enthusiasm for Ordinals inscriptions wanes, Kilic affirmed HIVE’s unwavering commitment to this protocol, crediting it for opening new avenues of Bitcoin experimentation.

The pivot to a proof-of-stake mechanism by Ethereum in 2022 sent a seismic shock through the crypto mining world, pushing miners to seek alternatives. HIVE, formerly reliant on their data-center-grade Nvidia GPUs for mining altcoins, viewed this shift as a chance to exhibit their innovative prowess, aligning with their overall corporate strategy of resource maximization.

Trading under the HIVE.V symbol on the TSX Venture Exchange and as HIVE on the Nasdaq, this forward-thinking company has been on a steady growth trajectory since its launch in 2017, presently boasting a market cap of about $477 million.

As the world of crypto watches, HIVE is ready to explore uncharted Bitcoin territories. In resonance with Michael Saylor, co-founder and executive chairman of MicroStrategy, Kilic championed the untapped potential of Ordinals in app development, paving the path for a fresh chapter in crypto.

With sights set skyward, much like the breathtaking flight formations of the Blue Angels, HIVE is set to transform old Ethereum rigs into the smoke trails that will guide the future of the cryptosphere. The coming era promises an intriguing interplay between ‘Uncommon Sats’, Ordinals, and the unbounded canvas of Bitcoin.


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