WayBeyond offers agriculture industry an alternative to Microsoft

  • FarmRoad has been designed for agriculture to replace select Microsoft products
  • Can provide verifiable data required by regulators
  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tech innovator WayBeyond is taking on Microsoft’s Power BI and Excel products to give growers an alternative solution for integrating all their business data into one digital platform.

Digital platform FarmRoad offers agricultural farmers Data Studio, an alternative to spreadsheets and other generic products.
Digital platform FarmRoad offers agricultural farmers Data Studio, an alternative to spreadsheets and other generic products.

“Historically the technology to manage your data was limited. Growers have gotten used to spreadsheets and other historical tools, however solutions now exist that are specifically created for agriculture and can address some of the biggest pain points – access to real time data and everything in one central view. This is what Data Studio now offers,” says Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Morgan.

“Being agriculture focused means we can have a relationship with our customers supporting them in a way these generic products can’t. We’re offering an easy-to-use option without the need to be a data analyst or spend countless hours pulling information together manually into a spreadsheet.”

“The journey begins with farm data and now includes business data and the relationship between them. This can include financial information, environmental data, harvest data, labor management data, water and crop waste data and being able to provide verifiable data that is required by business partners or regulators.”

Data Studio runs on the FarmRoad digital platform and allows data integration with other systems using open APIs. Once connected growers have access to real-time data all in one centralized view and can configure graphs and elements to their preference and role – from the grower through to the CEO.     

“We take all that complexity and put it in the back-end of FarmRoad and once connected you can get it all in real time. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. And when all your data is in multiple locations it makes it even more difficult. For us it’s about transforming the way people farm, all towards creating more sustainable practices.”

Data Studio is available by subscription and open to any grower looking to integrate their data.

For more information on Data Studio – www.farmroad.io/integrate-farm-data 
Sales queries – info@waybeyond.io

For media interviews or image requirements contact:  

Kylie Horomia, Head of Industry Transformation
(e) kylie.horomia@waybeyond.io
(m) +6421 733 025
(w) www.waybeyond.io

Sales queries info@waybeyond.io

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