Announcing Enlighten by Kasisto, the Ultimate Intelligent Digital Assistant Solution for the Financial Services Industry

Financial organizations across the industry are under pressure to rethink their customer engagement and digital strategies. Enlighten by Kasisto solves these pressures, while transforming the customer engagement journey

NEW YORK, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kasisto, creators of KAI, the leading digital experience platform for the financial services industry, announced the launch of Enlighten. Enlighten gives financial organizations the power to create the most humanizing and engaging digital customer experiences ever. Combining financial data, interaction history, and behavioral information with Kasisto’s industry-leading AI, Enlighten creates hyper-personalized interactions that are gracefully intuitive, proactively insightful, and remarkably intelligent.

The Ultimate Intelligent Digital Solution
The Ultimate Intelligent Digital Solution

An estimated 84% of banking customers are dissatisfied with the options available for engaging their bank. Increasingly, they expect to manage all of their banking needs at their convenience in a friction-free digital environment. Enlighten by Kasisto solves these challenges.

Enlighten is an intelligent digital assistant (IDA) solution, and not a chatbot. It is designed from the ground up to proactively engage banking customers, anticipate their banking needs, and surprise and delight banking customers from all segments of the financial services industry with a digital assistant that becomes their engagement channel of choice.

Powered by Kasisto’s industry-leading digital experience platform KAI, and delivered through financially literate, always-available digital assistants, Enlighten uses financial data and engagement history, along with scientific behavioral insights to win customer trust and achieve previously unimaginable levels of digital engagement.

Enlighten assembles a full financial picture of each customer and proactively communicates with them, sharing the information they need, and engaging them every step of the way. The results far exceed what financial organizations are able to provide on their existing digital channels, over the phone, or even in person. 

“The financial services industry is under real pressure to find ways to engage customers in a friction-free digital experience,” says Zor Gorelov, chief executive officer for Kasisto. “Traditional banking relies on human intensive servicing models, such as branches and call centers, that aren’t scaling to the needs of the banking customer. An intelligent digital assistant designed to truly assist customers at every point in their financial journey is the answer to many of these emerging challenges and opportunities. Whereas today’s banking chatbots mostly failed to meet customer expectations, the intelligent digital assistant creates experiences that customers actually like, and prefer to be in. These experiences will far exceed what financial institutions are able to provide over their existing digital channels, over the phone, and even in person, which leads to more profitable and lasting customer relationships and previously unimaginable levels of digital engagement.”

Enlighten uses conversational AI, powered by KAI, to create a banking experience that provides  a human-like interaction, but is delivered through an intelligent digital assistant (IDA). These services include:

  • Conversational Memory – Remembers not only the last conversation between the customer and the IDA, but every conversation and its detail – delivering intuitive,thoughtful, and highly personalized conversations.
  • Financial Insights – Intelligently deliver insights based on banking, credit, portfolio and market data that the banking customer may have not considered or uncovered on their own.
  • Proactive Notifications – Alert banking customers, whether they’re online or offline, about immediate events that affect their banking journey.
  • Optimized Discovery – Continually assist banking customers to understand what the IDA can do for them, based on trending topics, optimized next best actions, and smart dynamic shortcuts.

“Banks and credit unions across the industry are under pressure to innovate their digital capabilities, and events over the past year have only increased this pressure,” says Doug Brown, president of NCR Digital Banking at NCR Corporation. “An Intelligent Digital Assistant is an opportunity for financial institutions to delight their customers with an experience that will build real value and trust. Enlighten by Kasisto is designed to deliver this experience and provide an intelligent solution that will help our clients become digital leaders.”

Enlighten also delivers new conversational experiences within each of KAI’s intelligent digital assistants, KCB (KAI Consumer Banking), KBB (KAI Business Banking) and KIM (KAI Investment Management) to deliver an immersive user experience. These include:

  • Intelligent Greetings – That drives a deep attachment to the digital assistant by providing the banking customer with a complete snapshot of their financial journey, while proactively notifying them of changes that affect their ongoing financial well-being.
  • Ambient Context – Create a contextual connection between the banking digital property (i.e, website/digital app) and the IDA, so the IDA can proactively assist based on where the banking customer has navigated to/from.
  • Smart Shortcuts – Designed to remember what the customer asks most, but also intelligent enough to suggest additional capabilities,so the customer can seamlessly discover new capabilities.
  • Interactive Avatar – That allows banks to create an intelligently brandable persona experience that changes based on where the customer is in their banking journey and their interaction with the IDA.

“Banking customers continue to have their digital experiences shaped by their engagements outside of the industry,” says Marc Decastro, research director for IDC Financial Insights. “Many of these engagements do not simply provide data, they provide contextual and relevant information and actionable advice back to the customer in real time. To compete, banks must improve their digital experiences to better understand and react to their customers in a context that is relevant, uses multiple sources of data, and can show empathetic and intelligent conversations.”

To learn more about Enlighten by Kasisto, be sure to visit:

About Kasisto

Kasisto was founded in 2013 with a mission to humanize digital experiences across the financial services industry.  KAI, our industry leading digital experience platform, is chosen by financial institutions across the globe, such as DBS Bank, J.P. Morgan, Emirates NBD, Standard Chartered, TD Bank, and Manulife Bank among others, for its proven out of the box virtual assistants, and track record to drive business results while improving customer experiences. The platform is engaging with millions of banking customers around the world, all the time, across multiple channels, in different languages, and is optimized for performance, scalability, security, and compliance. KAI is built with the deepest Conversational AI portfolio in the industry.

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