Defying the Market’s Rigged Game: Practical Guide to Weather the Storm

Maria Irene

Rigged to Fail: Blunt-Spoken Investment Solutions for Unsuspecting Investors, penned by seasoned Wall Street insiders Matthew Piepenburg and Thomas Lott, serves as a stark warning and practical guide for Main Street investors bracing for an imminent, historic recession. With over fifty combined years of experience in the upper echelons of the financial industry, Piepenburg and Lott break down the complexities of the market to offer exclusive investment insights, shedding light on the dramatic market risks and opportunities ahead.

In this compelling book, the authors reveal the insidious nature of the most extended bull run in modern capital market history, which they argue has been artificially sustained by unprecedented central bank intervention and a cornered Federal Reserve. Rigged to Fail exposes the flawed foundation of today’s stock market, which they label a “Fed market,” and the impending pain that will follow when the Fed’s unsustainable stimulus measures lose their efficacy.

Piepenburg and Lott dedicate their work to making once-exclusive investment insights and market data accessible to all investors, regardless of experience or personal income. Rigged to Fail meticulously examines the profound distortion and risk saturation in the markets by drawing upon historical evidence of debt-driven monetary policies consistently employed to address previous debt-driven market crises, only to create even more debt. The authors assert that this failed and absurd template of debt and excess consistently leads to an inevitable recession—every single time.

Dispensing with bull or bear bias, greed versus fear hyperbole, and Wall Street jargon, Rigged to Fail offers clear, simple, and specific investment solutions to manage portfolios throughout all phases of a debt-driven market cycle and securities bubble. From the recovery and subsequent melt-up phase to the brutal meltdown phase that inevitably follows, Piepenburg and Lott’s insider perspective and reliance on blunt market data provide a no-nonsense guide to navigating these treacherous financial waters.

The book details the three most common mistakes uninformed investors make and offers a straightforward tutorial on the oldest, simplest, and often most ignored approach to creating generational wealth in dangerously rigged-to-fail markets. In this critical moment of financial history, Rigged to Fail equips readers with the essential facts, candidness, patience, and strategies necessary for success in an otherwise rigged Wall Street game.

As career Wall Street insiders, Piepenburg and Lott intimately understand how the system is stacked against the majority of trusting yet uninformed retail and Main Street investors, whose pension plans, 401Ks, and other accounts sit precariously atop a bubble set to implode. Their commitment to protecting readers who encounter their work is evident throughout the book.

Rigged to Fail: Blunt-Spoken Investment Solutions for Unsuspecting Investors is an indispensable read for anyone seeking to safeguard their financial future amidst the looming crisis. With its powerful combination of insider knowledge, blunt analysis, and practical guidance, this book will undoubtedly empower investors to triumph in a market fraught with unprecedented risks and opportunities.


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