Embed Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation Extends Free Mobile Wallet as a Gift to the Industry

Embed celebrates 2 decades of innovation and thought leadership in the family entertainment centre (FEC) sector; launches virtual gallery to highlight legacy. The company is also extending the free giveaway of the award-winning Mobile Wallet solution for another year, and introduced limited edition Embed 20th anniversary-themed Game Cards. Embed intends to continue leading and disrupting the FEC sector through innovative solutions and creative ideas.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Since 2001, Embed has been transforming the business of fun as the global leader of the cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries. Today, Embed announced celebrations in lieu of their 20th anniversary, marking two successful decades of innovation, industry leadership and resilience in the family entertainment centre (FEC) sector.

Embed Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation and Thought Leadership in the Family Entertainment Centre Sector, Launches Virtual Gallery to Highlight Legacy, Extends Free Giveaway of the Award-winning Mobile Wallet Solution as a Gift to the Industry, and Continues to Lead and Disrupt the Fec Sector Through Innovative Solutions and Creative Ideas

In celebration of their legacy, the company has launched an e-gallery detailing its rich history, challenges they have overcome, as well as accomplishments amassed over the years. In light of the ongoing pandemic and to support their customers’ road to recovery, Embed also announced they’re extending the free giveaway of their award-winning Mobile Wallet solution for another year. The ease of installation, along with no app download required is one of the reasons Embed’s Mobile Wallet has been well received by FECs in the industry. COVID-19 has served as a driver for contactless cash payments and the low-touch economy, with more amusement and entertainment spaces, such as theme parks, arcades, paintball centres and bowling alleys encouraged to leverage Embed’s innovative solution as they resume operations during a pandemic.

In addition, the company released limited edition 20th anniversary-themed Game Cards, a key innovation in the cashless payments industry spearheaded by Embed. These customisable Game Cards allow FEC owners and partners to continue delivering fun and memorable experiences to their guests, driving return visits and greater guest spend, and subsequently building brand loyalty. 

The announcements are aligned with Embed’s commitment of keeping customers at the core of their business. The company aims to connect the FEC community and uplift other enterprises and partners with its cutting-edge technology and solutions, driving growth and development as businesses continue on the road to recovery.


Founded in 2001, Embed grew from a humble tech startup to an integrated cloud-based business solutions platform that enables business owners in the family entertainment space to achieve greater operational efficiency while reducing costs and increasing profitability. Throughout the years, Embed has been laser-focused on their key strengths: building a comprehensive and holistic consumer experience, constantly innovating and brainstorming creative ideas, and cultivating close knit relationships with customers and partners.

Headquartered in Singapore, the company has five offices worldwide, with new premises in Dallas, Texas (2005) and Dubai (2008). Embed now serves a diverse and wide-ranging customer base of more than 1,000 clients from 56 countries, with a total of over 3,000 cashless business management system installations. Notable clients include FEC juggernauts TEEG Group (Asia), Dave & Busters (North America), Veltmeijer Conglomerate (Europe) and Landmark Group (Middle East). In Southeast Asia, Embed lists leading FEC market leaders Timezone Singapore and Resorts World Genting (Malaysia) as some of their key business partners.

“There’s no doubt that the FEC industry requires an integrated business platform to enable, empower and ease businesses in growing their revenue , streamlining their operations, and maximizing their profits – especially in such difficult times. With Embed’s legacy in innovation, we look forward to reimagining the business of fun, and revolutionising the FEC sector with our partners and customers in the years to come,” said Renee Welsh, CEO, Embed.

For more information on Embed’s 20th anniversary celebrations, please see Appendix A.

About Embed:

Embed is the worldwide leader of cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries. Designed to deliver a superior guest experience, the platform is a complete integrated cashless solution for business owners to maximise revenue and operational efficiency while reducing costs.

With Embed’s platform, a business (single or multi-location) has real-time visibility and control across the entire operation: from guest party-planning and bookings via mobile to integrated point-of-sales, including bundles and upsell packages, a full range of games management, arcade debit card readers, self-service kiosks, real-time prize inventory, game card kiosks and so much more. All integrated and accessible via mobile. With over 1,000 customers and more than 3,000 installations around the world, Embed is equipped and ready to empower FEC businesses with direct sales, services and support anytime, anywhere. For more information, please visit www.embedcard.com.

Appendix A

(i) Launch of Embed 20th Anniversary E-Gallery


The Embed 20th Anniversary E-Gallery showcases the company’s rich history, award-winning innovations and achievements over the years. Under the ‘Highlights’ section, Embed will feature customer testimonials and employee stories, and their celebratory messages for the organisation.

(ii) Free Mobile Wallet Solution (Giveaway Extended to Aug 2022)

Embed’s Mobile Wallet is a virtual game card that can be added to Apple Wallet and Google Pay. To date, Embed is the only FEC business solutions provider to gain compliance approval from Google and Apple for the Mobile Wallet solution, and is also the only non-finance, banking and sponsorship brand to sit in consumers’ mobile wallets, offering customers a safe, contactless payment, and seamless FEC experience.

The Mobile Wallet allows operators to gain access to valuable insights such as guest behaviour and spending habits. Based on the data collected via the Mobile Wallet, FEC owners can better understand their guests and introduce tailored offers and experiences, driving repeat visits and encouraging customer loyalty, thereby future-proofing their businesses.

(iii) Limited Edition Embed 20th Anniversary Game Cards

Touted as the currency of family entertainment businesses today, Embed’s Game Cards are not only a form of cashless payment but also a channel to drive return visits and guest spend, growing customer loyalty in the process. The design of the Game Cards is also customisable and an effective way to build brand awareness.

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