Emurgo, Moonstake join hands to usher new era of staking in Asia

Founding member of the Cardano protocol, Emurgo, is partnering with Moonstake to build synergies that will help drive blockchain staking activities, broaden awareness of the network, and accelerate industry adoption of staking within the ecosystem.

According to a statement released on 11 August, Emurgo and Moonstake, a blockchain and a staking technology company, will conduct a technical evaluation in line with the upcoming full-scale implementation of ADA staking pools for compatibility checks.

Their signature product, Moonstake Web wallet, supports the basic function of crypto wallets driving usage and utility. Besides, it is equipped to support the staking of different digital assets including Ontology (ONT), Harmony, and soon ADA.

The partnership aims to bring a new era of staking in Asia.

Cardano is emerging as a worthy competitor for Ethereum. Just recently, the Shelley mainnet was launched enabling staking pool operators to receive ADA coins delegated from coin holders. The Shelley mainnet marked Cardano’s decentralization. At the moment, there are over 600 staking pools. In a Proof-of-Stake platform like Cardano, this high level of participation translates to better security thanks to satisfactory decentralization.

Currently, Moonstake operates three validators in Cardano ADA pools but plans to add more with time in line with their general objective of being the largest staking network in Asia.


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