Flits 4.0: A slick look with new features

Decentralised masternode hosting app Flits has launched a new version of its app with superior features

Here’s some good news for crypto buffs—Flits decentralised mobile app known for hosting masternodes and staking has unveiled its new version, with enhanced features like security passcode and biometrics, and an option to add your favourite wallet address to transfer funds out.

With the new passcode feature, the app now has two layers of security, the second being biometrics. All you need to do is to go to the authentication page on settings to create a passcode and also for setting biometrics. These features will reduce the risk of one’s fingerprints being stolen in case someone steals your phone, Flits CEO Mitchel Van Amstel explained at the AMA last week.

Another new and real great time-saver feature allows the app users to create their own address book. So, now you can set up your favorite address book just like a contact, and save it and send coins to it. You can even scan addresses with a QR code reader.

We aim to become the largest masternode and cold staking platform in the market

Swap is another new feature that allows users to exchange coins in-app with other participants of the Flits App. Another awesome new feature is the community tab that will now allow users to start conversations with other individuals and also rate coins on the app.

Hold your breath, the other interesting feature added to the app is gift cards. So you can now buy Amazon vouchers, Netflix vouchers and Google Play vouchers, all through the app. So it’s just an easy way to spend your coins.

“Flits wants to become the most convenient and complete passive income solution. Within the next 5 years we want to create a network and community of stakeholders that help us build the best crypto solution for passive income and passive income management.

“We want to create value not only for our end-users, but also for the projects and partners who make everything possible with us. By creating the best app we aim to become the largest masternode and cold staking platform in the market,” Mitchel said, while listing out a vision statement.


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