From Stream Swaps to Lending: ThorChain’s Thunderous Ascent

Maria Irene
ThorChain has finally emerged, so it seems. A decentralized protocol designed to facilitate seamless swaps between various crypto assets, ThorChain has been making serious strides in the world of digital finance.

Lending has been eagerly awaited within the ThorChain community, and it seems the time has come. An innovative move has seen nodes being asked to vote the MaxRuneSupply to 500 million. Once consensus is reached, lending will be launched, taking the platform into a new era.

Running a THORChain node isn’t for the faint-hearted; the median cost is 947,000 $RUNE, equivalent to around $1.6 Million USD. But the investment appears to be worth it, as there are currently 86 active nodes bonding 80.4 million $RUNE, equivalent to approximately $142 million USD. These nodes are the guardians of the protocol, validating transactions and ensuring the network’s security.

And if you’re looking to gauge ThorChain’s impact, just head over to Crypto Twitter. Almost 1.5% of the total social volume of Twitter revolves around $RUNE. This influence isn’t lost on THORChads, the faithful followers of ThorChain, who believe it heralds an opportunity for enormous capital influx, unbeatable products, deeper liquidity, and robust network security.

The decentralized L1 lending that ThorChain aims to provide could be a game-changer, avoiding the dangers of CEFI RugPulls. ThorChain’s commitment to transparency, risk management, and ethical practice sets them apart.

$RUNE’s performance is turning heads, with a 70% increase in the past 30 days. This rise is no flash in the pan. The launch of “Stream Swaps” drastically increased daily volume on ThorChain, and investors began to realize how undervalued $RUNE was. The result? An incredible rally that not even Bitcoin’s volatility could halt.

The strengths of ThorChain are numerous. The liquidity pools’ structure ensures easy, large-quantity buying and selling. Its utility enables unrestricted movement between crypto assets. A capped supply at 500m $RUNE adds to the economic scarcity, and the absence of KYC requirements allows for private staking and trading. For many, these features paint a bright future for ThorChain.

With streaming swaps successful and lending poised for launch, demand for $RUNE is surging. ThorChain has been net buying for 13 consecutive days, signaling that momentum is building.

In the ever-changing crypto space, ThorChain’s meteoric growth, innovative offerings, and promising future plans have made it a major contender. As lending prepares to go live and the community continues to buzz, ThorChain is positioned as a force to reckon with. Whether you’re a savvy investor or just crypto-curious, ThorChain’s thunderous trend is one to watch closely. The future of decentralized finance may well be carved with a hammer and rune.


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