‘I think Bitcoin will reach a new all-time-high in two years’: Binance co-founder Yi He

Nine months after its launch, Binance became the most influential exchange in the cryptocurrency space, and is currently the world’s largest exchange by trading volume.

And the reason being the success is Binance Co-founder, and CMO Yi He. Yi He entered the cryptocurrency space in 2014, by leading OkCoin’s branding and marketing strategy. “Yi He has an eye for the next big thing,” say those who know her.

“When I first came to know about Bitcoin, I got this feeling that this is the next big thing. Like the internet (which fascinated me), I found Bitcoin truly global. And I thought this is the future. If the internet is about information exchange, Bitcoin is about value exchange. And this fascinated me,” said Yi He in an interview.

Yi He predicts that in the next decade years, we would see more and more of “these smart guys”. “We can see the shift right now. We see new projects utilising blockchain for what it is. We have seen from Binance launchpad projects, the smart guys building for the masses,” she said.

In terms of the India market, Yi He said the company has a small team in India. “We are looking at India, exploring the market, and planning a strategy. We plan to support local projects from India, to boost blockchain development. The support can be in terms of investments or community growth. I know a really good project from India—Matic Network.”

As for her Bitcoin Price prediction in the year 2030, Yi He said, “I personally think Bitcoin will reach a new all-time-high in two years’ time. But after that, it’s really hard to predict. The world is changing fast, and you never know we might see something entirely different.”


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