‘We want Flits to be a complete  DeFi product’

Flits decentralised mobile app known for hosting masternodes for a nominal fees will soon integrate instant buy and sell feature inside their app. Coin developers will also be invited to supply coins to Flits platform and earn a percentage from sale proceedings. A portion of the revenue will be allocated to further develop the app’s new sell and buy feature.

Launched in 2019, Flits recently hit a milestone of hosting 1000 masternodes. Flits is the first mobile app that allows customers to set up masternodes on its platform for a fee of € 1.99 per month per node.

CEO of Flits Mitchel Van Amstel also announced that the company is working on a new version of the app: “We are completely rebuilding the design and building the app to be bigger than just a masternode app. We want to support cold staking and also introduce DPos. We want Flits to be a complete DeFi decentralised product.

Flits Coin, the platform’s native coin, was very recently listed on Birake crypto exchange.

Flits app is available to Android and iPhone users.



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