Is Bankless Betting Big on Coinbase’s Base Token, or Are We All Just Playing the Regulatory Lottery?

In a recent eyebrow-raising move, Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal seemed to pivot from the company’s earlier stance of token ambiguity. Grewal revealed that the concept of a Base token “could be viable at some point in the future.” The announcement, nuanced by Grewal’s legal background, has inevitably fueled speculation that regulatory issues remain the major roadblock on the token’s journey to existence.

Amid this regulatory fog, Ethereum-centric platform Bankless is leading the speculative charge by preemptively releasing airdrop hunting guides for Base. As the saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” But is this smoke just a speculative haze or a signal of an impending blaze? With no guarantee of a Base token’s launch, the crypto community is nonetheless laying the groundwork for a possible windfall. In the breakneck crypto universe, hope is an undying fuel that ignites endless possibilities.

Now, for those scratching their heads about Base—imagine it as the prodigious offspring of Ethereum and Coinbase. Designed to be an on-chain sanctuary for all things Coinbase, Base has grand plans to support millions of users, facilitated by its seamless integration with the popular Coinbase Wallet app.

In terms of its tech stack, Base is leaning on Optimism’s OP Stack, aiming for ease of use and interoperability among optimistic rollups. Essentially, Base aspires to be the linchpin in a network of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions.

Despite the buzz, Base still has some maturing to do. Its fraud-proof systems are under construction, indicating that the platform has yet to achieve full decentralization. Currently, users need to rely on the block proposers to accurately submit the state of Layer 1 to the network.

That said, the Base team is far from complacent. They’ve articulated a roadmap that aims for a fully secure and decentralized infrastructure, alleviating some concerns regarding the project’s maturity.

As the conversation around a potential Base token amplifies, one thing is clear: whether or not it will be the next crypto unicorn or remain mired in regulatory complexity is a question that keeps the crypto kettle simmering. For now, the speculation itself is what’s adding flavor to the ever-volatile world of cryptocurrencies.


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