SCC Holders, Rejoice: Free Nodes and Zero-Fee Trading Are Just the Beginning!

If you’ve been following StakeCube Coin (SCC), you might want to sit up and take notice. The company has just released a new rewards program that’s poised to create a buzz in the crypto community. If you own more than 10,000 SCC, you’re in line for some tantalizing benefits, including the chance to earn up to 10 free nodes with hosting included.

Now let’s unpack this a bit. A node is a critical part of a blockchain network, serving functions like transaction verification and data relay. For every 5,000 SCC you hold, you’re eligible for one free node, capped at a generous 50,000 SCC. This is a substantial offering that encourages not just trading but also engagement in the network’s essential functions.

But that’s not the end of the story. StakeCube has another surprise up its sleeve. For those who hold a sizable 50,000 SCC, there’s an opportunity for a significant reduction in trade fees. For the initial 10,000 SCC held, a fee reduction of 0.01% per 1,000 SCC is granted. Beyond that, from 10,001 to 50,000 SCC, each 4,000 SCC earns another 0.01% fee reduction. Add it all up, and you’ll find that owning 50,000 SCC could get you a 0.20% total trade fee reduction—enabling you to trade with zero fees on the StakeCube Exchange.

Even with all these perks, StakeCube emphasizes that this Bonus Program is subject to evolution. It’s under continuous review and may change over time to introduce new benefits or adjust existing ones. This reflects the company’s commitment to adaptability and its desire to offer the best possible rewards for its community.

All things considered, whether you’re a blockchain newcomer or a crypto aficionado, there’s no better time to dip your toes into the SCC pool. A rewards program this robust doesn’t just offer financial benefits; it acts as a magnet for community engagement and collaboration. So keep a close eye on your SCC balance, because these new rewards could translate into opportunities you won’t want to overlook.


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