Motoko Unveils Airdrop Shake-Up: Snapshot Date Shifts to January 30th

Motoko, the avant-garde crypto player, is pulling a surprising move in the world of airdrops. The much-anticipated snapshot date has been recalibrated to January 30th, a strategic maneuver to integrate a claim site into the mix. Forget the mundane – Motoko aims to redefine the airdrop game with a dash of ingenuity.

A recent delve into data revealed a trove of inactive wallets. Motoko’s mission? To level the playing field, ensuring the airdrop process is equitable and crystal clear. Here’s the twist – even those late to the party in the next few years can snag their MOTOKO tokens. How? Through the user-friendly claim site.

No need to tap your fingers waiting. The airdrop and claim process will dance hand in hand. If your $MOTOKO for your NFT doesn’t drop like confetti, fret not. Head to the claim site, link up your wallet, and voilà – tokens claimed, provided you’ve made the snapshot cut.

In a move that screams community love, Motoko is set to open-source the claim site, a first-of-its-kind gift to its members. It’s a snapshot, yes, but it’s also a souvenir for the ages.

Awaiting all MOTOKO NFT holders on the drop day is a little extra surprise – a sprinkle of $SONIC tokens. It’s about more than tokens; it’s about creating a narrative, one we’ll proudly share with our future generations. This, my friends, is Motoko being truly BASED!

Here’s the teaser for the sequel – the transition of MOTOKO to the SNS DAO, with Dfinity onboard for the adventure. The details of how $MOTOKO will gracefully hand over the baton to SNS DAO will be unwrapped soon. The saga continues, and Motoko isn’t just creating tokens; it’s crafting a story for the ages.


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