NetApp Bags Google Cloud’s Top Tech Partner Award for Stellar Storage Solutions

NetApp, the intelligent data infrastructure company, has clinched the prestigious 2024 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year Award in the Infrastructure – Storage category for its cutting-edge offering, Google Cloud NetApp Volumes. This marks the second consecutive year that NetApp has been recognized for its outstanding contributions to the Google Cloud ecosystem, facilitating seamless data management, deployment, and workload optimization for joint customers without the need for application reengineering.

Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President of Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud, lauded NetApp’s transformative impact on customer success, emphasizing the value that partners like NetApp bring to the table. The award underscores NetApp’s prowess in delivering industry-leading, enterprise-grade storage solutions that empower customers to navigate the complexities of the cloud landscape with ease, ensuring unparalleled performance and robust data protection.

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes, built on NetApp’s renowned ONTAP® technology, offers a secure and scalable platform for automating demanding workloads such as AI, databases, and cloud-native applications. With seamless integration and efficient cost optimization, users can leverage the power of cloud computing without the risk of overprovisioning resources.

Eric Han, Vice President of Product Management for Cloud at NetApp, expressed pride in the partnership with Google Cloud, highlighting how Google Cloud NetApp Volumes facilitates critical use cases like workload migration, cloud-native application deployment, and AI transformations. The accolade of being named Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Storage for two consecutive years underscores NetApp’s commitment to delivering intelligent data infrastructure solutions that enable customers to innovate swiftly and adapt to evolving technological landscapes.

The evolution of Google Cloud NetApp Volumes, from its launch as a managed storage service in August 2023 to the introduction of the enhanced Standard service layer in October 2023, reflects NetApp’s dedication to continuous improvement and cost efficiency. This service expansion complements NetApp’s comprehensive storage and data services portfolio within Google Cloud, encompassing cyber resilience, data protection, and capacity management.

By seamlessly integrating the most demanding workloads into Google Cloud, NetApp empowers enterprise customers to harness the capabilities of datacenter technologies within the cloud environment, ensuring a smooth transition and robust support for diverse business needs.


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