New Journey:Shanghai Technology Exchange Opens Today

SHANGHAI, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On October 28, Shanghai Technology Exchange(hereinafter called the ‘STEX’)officially opens at the opening ceremony of 2020 Global Technology Transfer Conference. Wu Qing, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor in Shanghai, pay high attention to the event and unveiled the opening of STEX at the conference. STEX was founded in December of 1993. As one of the first technology trading marketplace in China, it was the first national permanent marketplace,jointly established by Ministry of Science & Technology and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. The opening today offers STEX a  mission to lead the development of the innovation and modern technology factor market. Today,it kicks off a brand-new journey.

Opening Ceremony of Shanghai Technology Exchange
Opening Ceremony of Shanghai Technology Exchange

In March 2020, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council has issued a guideline on improving the market-based allocation mechanism of production factors. Pointed out the importance and urgency of “accelerating the development of the technology factor market” and “promoting the reform of market-oriented allocation of technological factors”. It brings great development opportunities for STEX.

In order to further enhance the market-oriented service capabilities of technology trading market, STEX started to change  into an enterprise management system in 2015. Five years’ preparation helped STEX filled with plenty of technology resources.

On Dec.31st, 2019, Shanghai Municipal Goverment received the Reply Letter from the Ministerial Transaction’s Organization, which approved the operation record of Shanghai Technology Exchange. Since then, STEX has started the preparation for the opening.

After nearly a year of intensive and orderly preparations, STEX has carried out the design and planning of the entire core trading system from rules to the designs of trading products, establishing a complete set of  transformation ways of scientific and technological achievements. Furthermore, it incorporates innovation needs, and financial Technical services such as service support and technical transaction services,

In addition, STEX also provides one-stop settlement and transaction verifications to meet various transaction entities’ needs. The needs include but not limited to public listing, non-public agreement, service display, product display and other trading products. Furthermore STEX offers transaction consulting, matchmaking,information Profiling,financing advisory and other comprehensive related services to enable the merge of technology and other resources.

STEX is built to link the technology market of Yangtze River Delta region, nationwide and worldwide. More importantly,it also aims to establish a technology trading ecosystem, and strives to guide five major resources, such as technology achievements, enterprises, agencies,capitals and government, to enter into a standard process driven transaction market. At present, STEX has collected technology resources of 20 universities and scientific research institutes, 30 agencies,60 enterprises(includes central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and listed companies). More than 5,000 scientific and technological achievements is planning to enter into STEX marketplace,400 million yuan business needs offered by enterprises , estimated transaction value worth of 1 billion yuan technology achievements is expected to enter into STEX for trading.


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