Oraichain X Imba Games Studio – Traditional Gaming To Meet Advanced AI Blockchain Technology

SINGAPORE, Aug. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered data oracle and ecosystem for blockchains, has announced a new strategic partnership with Imba Games Studio, a leading game development studio with over 14 million customers.

Oraichain x Imba brings a new simulation game Kawaii Islands to life with advanced blockchain and innovative AI technologies. Available this August.


This incredible partnership marks Imba’s venture into crypto space and Oraichain’s first step to delivering its advanced technology to the world of GameFi – the gamification of financial mechanisms, including the emerging play-to-earn concept. Imba has been in the game industry for over 6 years and has produced several premium and enjoyable games that serve a wide variety of customers. Their most famous Kawaii series including Kawaii Home Design, Kawaii Mansion, and Kawaii Puzzle has more than 12M downloads on Google Play and App Store.

Imba will be the first game development studio to rely on innovative Blockchain and on-chain AI technologies that Oraichain provides to assist their players with a more dynamic and advanced gaming model and increased transparency of game assets. A new simulation game, Kawaii Islands, will come to life out of this collaboration, promisingly embracing all the companies’ high-quality and cutting-edge features.

An exclusive NFT Marketplace for Kawaii Islands game assets will be on aiRight, a complete system for AI x NFT x DeFi powered by Oraichain

Facilitating GameFi as an oracle, Oraichain provides Imba and future partners a complete set of AI Oracle features that enrich gaming experience, such as: 

Verifiable random function (VRF): securing and verifying issuance of rare items or determination of rarity rates. NFT issuance and verification: minting and verifying NFTs for game assets with AI-based watermarking as origin proof. AI price feeds: updating real-time price and exchange rates for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. AI-based features: customizing AI models to enhance gaming experiences such as profile and character creation and strategy recommendation.

Oraichain also acts as an L1 blockchain with high transaction throughput and low transaction fees and helps bridge assets to Ethereum, BSC, Cosmos-based, and Substrate-based networks.

“Oraichain’s advancements in on-chain AI and blockchain have created a perfect environment for GameFi. The potential is unbounded,” said Oraichain CEO, Dr. Chung Dao, who will also be a strategic advisor of Kawaii Islands.

Available soon on Kawaii Global, Google Play, and App Store

Oraichain: Website | GitHub | Twitter | Telegram | Medium  | aiRight  | yAI.Finance

Imba Games Studio: Website | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram | Discord 



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