The World’s First Social Impact Cryptocurrency ELONGATE Announces Incorporation

BERN, Switzerland, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The social impact cryptocurrency Elongate announces full incorporation in a multi-entity structure. The highly anticipated incorporation of Elongate became official this week as their two newly formed bodies set to launch. In detail, Elongate will form as two legally independent and collaborative entities with the first being the EG Association which will focus on governing social impact activities such as donations, charity events, fundraising, etc. The second entity will be ELONGATE Global which will focus on governing the technology platforms and disruptive technological development.

The World’s First Social Impact Cryptocurrency ELONGATE Announces Incorporation.

Lorenzo Andree will now take on the role of the President and Founder of the EG Association leading the real-world global social impact work that Elongate has come to be known for. The board of the EG Association will consist of Armin Keyani, Malik Bakrim, Eugeniu Cujba, and additional board members that have yet to be named. Of equal importance, the ELONGATE Global is built upon a leadership board that consists of Hasan Aziz, Rani Barbara, Alexander Gambon, Brian Lobeda, Gene Rhode, and Austin Worrell. The two entities, though legally distinct, will work together with an overall shared vision and mission to create a lasting social impact by continuing to redefine the power of cryptocurrency.

Hasan Aziz, who currently leads the overall operations for Elongate, says: “For Elongate, incorporation means that the cryptocurrency is able to achieve its life-changing social impact goals by having a dedicated team of experts from around the world. I am confident that the two entities can effectively work together to shape the future and direction of Elongate.

Elongate’s Chief Brand Officer Alexander Gambon had this to say, “With the incorporation finally complete, we can accelerate on quite a number of exciting things, especially focused on the token, our community, and our shared mission to create lasting social impact. This is just one massive stepping stone for Elongate!”

Visit the Elongate website and learn more about the world’s first and biggest charitable cryptocurrency that is transforming the world through social impact:


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