Orange Domains: Uniting Web3 Digital Identities with Trust Machines

Trust Machines, a key player in Bitcoin projects such as layer-2 Stacks, has embarked on a groundbreaking venture with the publicly traded company Tucows. CEO Muneeb Ali announced the inception of “Orange Domains,” aiming to revolutionize the digital landscape.

This joint venture seeks to elevate the Bitcoin Name System (BNS) through decentralized applications while introducing innovative top-level domain (TLD) services. The goal? To seamlessly integrate the traditional Domain Names System (DNS) with Web3 digital identities.

In a recent press release, Trust Machines unveiled the core concept behind Orange Domains. It envisions the Web3 domain as more than just a digital identity; it’s likened to an NFT, granting users access to a plethora of functionalities. From website building to email communication, financial transactions, artwork, and contract management, Orange Domains offer an all-encompassing solution on the blockchain.

To bolster this ambitious initiative, Bitcoin developer tooling company Hiro Systems joins the fray. Hiro Systems brings its domain expertise to the table, focusing on building Bitcoin smart contracts, digital assets, and decentralized applications. The collaboration aims to set new standards in digital identity management and blockchain integration.

Meanwhile, Stack, a platform dedicated to creating and managing point systems, has secured a significant investment of $3 million. Backed by Archetype, Coinbase Ventures, and other notable investors, Stack sets its sights on transforming points, loyalty programs, and identity primitives into on-chain assets.

According to the Stack team, their Typescript SDK serves as a gateway for implementing sophisticated point and loyalty systems seamlessly. Features include event-based point assignments, cross-chain token redemptions, leaderboards, analytics, and GraphQL APIs. This infusion of capital underscores the growing interest and investment in blockchain-based solutions.

The emergence of Orange Domains and the expansion of Stack represent significant strides toward a more interconnected and secure digital ecosystem. By bridging the gap between traditional systems and blockchain technology, these initiatives pave the way for a future where digital identities and assets are seamlessly integrated into everyday transactions.

As the landscape of Web3 continues to evolve, collaborations like Orange Domains and investments in platforms like Stack underscore the potential for innovation and transformation. The journey towards a decentralized digital future is underway, with Trust Machines and its partners leading the charge.


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