PIVCards and MPW: October 30th Unveils PIVX’s New Era

The air is buzzing at Labs this October as the team divides and conquers two mammoth projects: My PIVX Wallet (MPW) and PIVCards Platform. While half of the workforce is submerged in code, refining the MPW, the other half is zeroing in on making PIVCards faster and smarter than ever.

PIVCards Platform: The Future is Automated
October has been the month of innovation for the Labs team, particularly in the research and development department at PIVCards. After a month of revamp, the team has successfully outlined and tested a method that allows PIVCards to operate completely autonomously. The cherry on top? Near-zero maintenance and exceptional, consistent dispatch speeds. The system aims to cut down DAO costs significantly as manual intervention becomes a thing of the past.

Moreover, the autonomous system reduces operational costs and boosts dispatch speed. In layman’s terms, users can expect to receive their products faster, ideally within 10 to 30 minutes. For the more technically inclined, that’s as quick as a single Bitcoin confirmation, which PIVCards uses to settle its vendor payments. Plans to further shorten this time frame are in the works, involving integration with Lightning as opposed to Bitcoin Core. Keep an eye out; October 30th has been flagged as the platform’s launch date.

My PIVX Wallet: Polished to Shine
In the latest MPW update, version 1.3.0 is officially out and is more focused on polishing and bug-fixing. The underlying codebase has also undergone significant changes to keep up with the myriad features added since last year. This tech spruce-up is essential to pave the way for the bigger plans the team has with the “Shield” feature.

Among the key upgrades, Governance rules have been refined to align with PIVX Core. The coding process is more streamlined, with the creation of a Wallet class that manages all wallet-associated functions and transactions. There’s also been a focus on enhancing user experience. Proposal creation is now easier, more transparent, and restricted to encrypted wallets.

Additionally, the mempool system has been entirely restructured, saving substantial network requests by fetching UTXOs only once when the wallet is opened. The team hasn’t stopped at that; a series of pull requests target everything from cold staking enhancements to ledger refactoring, making the system more robust and efficient.

PIVX.Poker and Rusty-Blox: Other Noteworthy Updates
Though not the star of this cycle, PIVX.Poker is back in action after resolving the previous cycle’s budget crisis. Some low-key maintenance has also been carried out to make the platform more versatile and easier to deploy.

As for Rusty-Blox, PIVX’s first in-house explorer written in Rust, it’s also making headway with a host of updates including improved transaction processing, optimized performance, and build tests added to GitHub Actions, among others. The work is still in progress, and users can expect even more robust features in the coming cycles.

October is turning out to be a blockbuster month for PIVX and its various platforms. With the automated, supercharged PIVCards platform and a more efficient and user-friendly MPW, the team is pushing the boundaries on what’s possible in the blockchain and crypto world. Mark your calendars for October 30th; it’s going to be a game-changer.


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