PIVX: From Hummingbot Liquidity to Game-Changing Updates and New Listings

Maria Irene

As the crypto world spins on its volatile axis, PIVX—Private Instant Verified Transaction—seems to be harnessing that momentum to propel itself into a new world of innovation and adoption. It’s been an especially buzzing week for the leading privacy coin. With its liquidity mining campaign on Hummingbot nearing its end, an upcoming major wallet update, and recent listings on ChangeHero and LBank, PIVX is unequivocally at the epicenter of some groundbreaking developments.

Hummingbot Liquidity Mining Campaign Wraps Up
In partnership with Hummingbot, PIVX recently launched an 8-week liquidity mining campaign that is soon drawing to a close. The venture aimed to encourage traders to provide liquidity for the PIVX/BTC pair on Binance and promised a hefty reward pool of USDT 8,000. The endeavor was not merely a profit-seeking campaign but a strategic move to highlight PIVX’s unique features. The currency has successfully incorporated the zk-SNARKS privacy protocol, making it one of the most secure proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies in the market.

MPW v1.2.0—A Revolution in Transactions
On the brink of another significant leap, PIVX’s MyPIVXWallet (MPW) is scheduled to roll out its v1.2.0 update on September 10th. The headline feature? A “Contacts” system that promises to radically alter how transactions are carried out. No longer will users have to deal with unwieldy alphanumeric addresses. They will be able to send PIVX to contacts under friendly names like “Luke” or personalized labels such as “Ledger Life.” This feature is not merely a cosmetic tweak but a revolution that aligns with PIVX’s long standing commitment to user privacy and security.

Masternode: A Thriving Community and Network Backbone
PIVX’s masternodes are the lifeblood of its network, enhancing transaction speed and privacy. They also provide an attractive revenue model with 50% of new PIVX block rewards going to the masternode, 33.3% to the staker, and 16.7% to the PIVX budget. This model translates to an estimated annual ROI of roughly 4%, making a PIVX masternode an alluring investment opportunity.

New Listings: ChangeHero and LBank
In a strategic move to expand its market reach, PIVX was recently listed on ChangeHero on September 5th. This addition came on the heels of another significant listing on LBank, a popular cryptocurrency exchange. The PIVX/USDT trading pair went live on LBank’s Innovation Zone on August 30, 2023, heralding not just extended trading opportunities but also wider adoption prospects for the privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

An Asset for Privacy Advocates
PIVX remains true to its name, offering private, instant, verified transactions. Its implementation of zk-SNARKS privacy protocol makes it one of the very few in the market that offers both transparency and the option for complete anonymity. This “best of both worlds” approach broadens its appeal, making it a strong contender in the crowded crypto arena.

Community-Governed and Reward-Oriented
Last but not least, PIVX is a community-governed cryptocurrency with a unique reward system. Users earn from staking while their assets are safely stored in a cold wallet. This community-centric and reward-oriented approach fosters a sense of ownership and inclusivity among PIVX users, adding another layer to its allure.

As PIVX marches forward with its array of updates, partnerships, and listings, it reiterates its commitment to offering a secure, private, and efficient transactional experience. This Friday marks another reminder in their journey, encapsulating its multi-faceted strategy to revolutionize how we think about cryptocurrency, privacy, and community engagement. The ball is now in the court of crypto enthusiasts and investors to seize these exciting opportunities.


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