Red Hong Yi Invited by TIME to Participate and Unveil Latest NFT for Sale

Limited NFT drop starts at 0.1 ETH and is expected to be a key draw of TIMEPieces launch

SINGAPORE, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Renowned artist Red Hong Yi, collaborates once again with TIME for TIMEPieces, an NFT project inaugurated by TIME’s creative director, D.W. Pine. Themed ‘Building A Better Future’, Red is among 40 global artists to be invited for the launch and genesis drop. Red’s NFT was officially revealed on Wednesday, 22 September 2021 on and the NFT drop will take place on Thursday, 23 September 2021 on All artwork will be priced at 0.1 ETH. The initial drop will be a “blind drop” where purchasers would not be aware of which artist piece they have purchased. 

Red Hong Yi with her artwork for TIMEPieces (Photo: Chong Kern Wei)

After Red’s success of her first Memebank Banknote – “Doge to the Moon” NFT earlier this year, she decided to extend the MemeBank series to launch ‘Building A Better Future’ banknote for TIMEPieces. This NFT marks her first foray into digital assets without any physical accompanying piece and is aligned with ‘TIME 2030’, a decade long project that marks the progress towards a sustainable and equitable world. 

“Drawing inspiration from where I grew up, the banknote represents a little girl against the backdrop of my hometown in Borneo, Malaysia. My interpretation of the project theme ‘Building A Better Future’ is expressed through the character’s illustration where she looks toward a future with the option to begin her adventure with either Fiat Money or Crypto. More importantly, this NFT represents my aspiration and hope for a future where little girls in Borneo and Southeast Asia are empowered to choose their adventures and determine their own choices – a world that celebrates nature, technology, and the human race,” said Red Hong Yi.

Red’s ‘Building A Better Future’ NFT features a pixelated cartoon character with hidden ‘easter eggs’ made with smaller pixelated icons constituting objects she has used in her past work such as coffee cups, eggs, and socks. More of Red’s artwork and information can be found on  and



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