Runestone Sparks Dogecoin NFT Airdrop Craze

Following the success of the Bitcoin Ordinals collection, the Runestone project recently made waves with an airdrop to eligible wallets. Now, in a nod to this milestone, the Dogecoin Ordinals project has hosted its own airdrop, signaling a new trend in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The initial Doge Runestone airdrop marked the beginning of a collection comprising 30,272 Dogecoin NFTs. These digital assets swiftly entered the secondary market, recording a total trading volume of 80,142 DOGE, equivalent to nearly $15,000. Currently, the floor price for a Doge Runestone stands at 170 DOGE, approximately $32, on the Ordinals Wallet Dogecoin marketplace.

Robo AI, the brains behind the Doge Runestone drop, revealed plans to build a DRC-420 protocol on Doginals, enabling the creation of more sophisticated Dogecoin-based media. A project representative touted this initiative as the “first of its kind” collection on Dogecoin’s blockchain.

Inspired by the Ordinals inscription frenzy, Doge Runestone derives its name from the Runestone collection—a set of 112,383 collectibles airdropped to selected wallets. The DRC-20 protocol, launched in May 2023, allows for the creation of fungible tokens on the Dogecoin blockchain, contributing to the vibrant ecosystem of over 150 Dogecoin-themed NFT projects, as per data from Doginal Explorer.

In a unique move earlier this year, a pseudonymous Dogecoin enthusiast integrated a playable copy of the classic video game Doom into the Dogecoin blockchain using the Doginals protocol. Additionally, Ordinal Inscriptions have extended into the Ethereum ecosystem with ETHscriptions, showcasing the versatility and interoperability of these innovative protocols.

Leonidas, a pseudonymous NFT historian and co-creator of the Runestone project on Bitcoin, expressed enthusiasm for airdrops like the Doge Runestone, highlighting their adoption of the “free and fair model” pioneered by Runestone. He emphasized the positive impact of such initiatives, stating, “When I see that other projects are copying the free and fair model, I love it. The more airdrops like Runestone, the better.”

The emergence of projects like Doge Runestone and the subsequent Dogecoin Ordinals airdrop underscore a growing trend in the NFT space, where innovative protocols and fair distribution models are reshaping how digital assets are created and distributed. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, fueled by creativity and community participation, the future promises further exploration and experimentation within the realm of blockchain-based collectibles.


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